About me

This blog started originally in July 2010 with the proposal to share about the love to fashion. Now is a new cycle for this blog, with a new and exciting angle, Menswear fashion.

About Gale Rosse

Gale Rosse is a Menswear blog that covering diverse aspects of the style of a man, grooming, food and lifestyle as well as a female space and other topics from the vision of his  Editor Gale Rosse.

From an eclectic way and personal voice, Gale Rosse is a place to know and discover about menswear fashion and lifestyle.

Each moment that you build your life, also build your style and Gale Rosse is your place for improve it and enjoy it!.

About Geoffrey Rose

Geoffrey Rose (aka Gale Rosse) is a freelance writer and Illustrator with focus on fashion and lifestyle. He is originally of Panama with love for fashion on all its ways and passion for art, food, lifestyle and all what could inspire to make the things much better in life.

All these things inspire him, and between learning and discoveries, he wants to inspire and convey to his readers of this blog. Favorite things: Sushi, Wines, a decadent dessert, a book, 60's music (Soul, Blues and Jazz are between his favorite styles) and Shiba Inu (Japanese Dog)