Advices of Style: Socks!

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Oh well, since I change my blog to another platform, I have been something lost from this space, for some personals reasons but I'm back here to do things better (I hope so) and talk more about my passion: fashion. I apologize for that. Well sincerely I haven´t been missing in action so much because I' ve been sharing things on instagram, so anyway, today I wanna talk about socks!
All right....yes maybe it isn´t something so special to dedicate it a post but the truth is´s worth it.
The socks are a fundamental part in our outfit because apart from keeping the feet dry and the shoes clean, they are a cool piece of clothing that could reveal our own personality.
Of course this piece of clothing has its rules to the time to wear it but once you learn about it you can add your seal or risk it in combinations if you like.

The general rule is wearing your socks depending of the suit that you are going to wear. If you wear a black suit, you should use a black sock and so on. It's a rule for specific moments if you must keep the soberness of the event or ocassion.

But if you are a person with attitude and personality this rule will be so boring. My recommendation is if you are going to take risks, first, take in consideration the color of what you are wearing. example:

If you wear a navy suit, you could try colors like; red, sky blue or burgundy, plain or with different textures but always keeping similar tonalities. Also is important to play with the tonality of the shoe for a better visual effect.
 In casual outfits the main rule is to think the color of the ensemble that you will use and combine  it with that.

And of course I have 4 interesting options of socks for you:

This sock is perfect for light tones of suits and also for casual outfits, the design in part is edgy but sober at the same time. And it can also double as a great holiday sock!

Navy Formal Model-Kimchi Socks 

This option is perfect if you don't want be so risky at the time of dressing, this model from Paul Smith is great with camel and brown suits, you can choose a sky blue tie to combine as well.

Paul Smith Polka Dots Socks- Mr Porter

This option is perfect for a casual look but if you are risky enough it will also be great with dark suits. I see these socks in jeans with boots or monk shoes.

Sacai Pixel Intarsia Socks- Farfetch

Bugatchi Stripes Socks-Nordstrom

And the last one but not least a stripe option that is easy to pair with many tones and I think that gives great doses of personality, you can wear it in suits and casual outfits as well.

The key is that first you must feel comfortable with that and begin with common textures and then experiment with one or two colors but is great when you can express your feelings with clothing, nothing better than that!

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