Fashion discussion: When inspiration meets copy

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In this days had gone out with my best friend to sew things in the mall and try the new sushi menu in an Asiatic restaurant right there, and among a conversation and another, he shows me  a photo of his Instagram feed where it had a comparison of one of the collection of the recent Colombiamoda with the renowned  British designer Neil Barrett.

I made an impression because the collection of the brand  ERIKÓ Spring 2017 is identical to the Neil Barrett collection Fall 2013, only varying colors but the shapes are very similar being perhaps a Spring version of the Fall collection of Barrett.

If we are refer to the comparisons with the images of both collections, the similarities are more than obvious, varying just the position of the color, the shapes are the same and finished too. This remembered me so much the problem that some brand have with low-cost or fast fashion versions where they repeat very famous pieces doing it as a twin sister.

I think it's great that the menswear is growing up very much in these years and that the brands are experimenting more and giving options for men to wear. I have listened mixed reviews about this case in the social networks, where the people assume that it want to overshadow the Latin design more if they do different things like men's skirts (something no new) mixing with sport pieces and it's laudable that are doing this things although not be a surprising factor because in this ground (I refer to fashion) already everything is done, maybe in the menswear are still things to do.

The problem is when you as designer have colleagues that you admire, where you follow each thing that he does and you want or not this thing influence you in the way how you inspire, also if this designer is trend and his pieces are highly sought, you desire to have and take advantage of the boom of the pieces to get own earnings, although in the tried your miss credibility and people think that you have not talent for inspiration. Often happens when in the process of inspiration, you see many magazines, pictures etc and you don't edit your mind before of star the process of design. There are a very thin line between inspire you, take resources of what you saw here and there and apply to your design, to simply change colors and send it as something original and new.

With an infinity of things to take as inspiration, the fact of copy a design, is just with a commercial thing in mind, more than the fact to do something new or innovate. And it's a bit sad to see that there are brands or designers with great potential have to appeal to those things to draw the attention of their customers. Worst case is when this falls to the attention of the person who you admire, your credibility is questioned. I mention that because in the same Instagram that did the mention of the huge similarities, the own designer, Neil Barrett echoed of the situation and he commented that it was a huge copy. At the end, the brand take advantage of the "Feedback" of the media to get in the view of people, but I don't think that be the best way to do it.

I believe in the Latin design and more if it concerns to menswear that is not so expanded as the womenswear and they make great things and can export to other places and people wear what they make but also I believe that it should be through of a rich original inspiration and not copying the success of other people with the purpose of introduce its product beyond in the market.

But What do you think? Which are your thoughts about? I would like to open the conversation and listen what you have to say about...

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