LACOSTE Live x Agi & Sam Capsule Collection

4:59:00 PM

The new Lacoste L!ve collection is very interesting, this time is a collaboration with Agi & Sam brand where they has proposed a combination of bespoke textiles with an interesting mix between a fabulous tailoring with the fundamental style of the brand, the sportswear.

For this collaboration, they had in mind to the brand's creator, René Lacoste, so that they visited the extensive archive of the iconic creator and tennis player and the textile designer Robert George that he was the creator of the famous crocodile of the brand.

Creating a collection of 15 pieces in blue, white and read only, remembering an archives where they found a great variety of hand-draw stripes in those three colors.

The collection has a great variety of pieces where it combines beautiful tailoring pieces with an impeccable finished with the characteristic style of Lacoste. A combination that it has a contemporary and actual style, youth and very combinable.

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