Among Graphic T-shirts and statement sneakers

7:28:00 PM

Some people may wonder  why I have disappeared for long time of this space, well... in part with some valid responses how make things that long time ago I wanted  to do, the other one is for personal motives and also get some rest. Isn't a pleasure abandon my blog because in the end is a place when I like to share one of my biggest passions: Fashion. I will do everything possible to be constant and you can found here a point of view about menswear fashion according as I see it and share information about style, advises and also very soon my personal style. For the people that read my blog yet, thank you and I hope to follow forward as always.

Getting into matter, you know that I'm fan of the things that have a elevated graphic level, first because I feel that is a way to express with pictures feelings or tastes, also because I love draw and is great to share the talent of other great artist, so I have selected for you from my two favorite online shopping stores Mr. Porter and Farfetch, 4 T-shirts with graphic prints or some element that it can create an interesting focal point on you. But to add it a touch more to this I wanted choose one sneaker that help to create an interesting visual harmony. And although the T-shirts also are a statement pieces of your look, combining although be risky is a good way to play with things that will be difficult for some people but it brings you an unique and different style. In the same way if you not feel comfortable or secure, you can wear the statement pieces separately and make those two pieces be the star of your look, without more to say, here we go:



The most important thing to remember is attempt always of integrate each thing in the way that combine the best way possible, taking in account colors and shapes but if you dare also you can wear each thing uncoordinated way for cause some effect and to have other way to express yourself.

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