Wardrobe Basics: 6 options of swim shorts for summer

5:29:00 PM

We are in summer, where the sun and the beach are the principal things that everyone wants to enjoy. Think about it, You, sitting in the middle of a paradisaical beach surrounded by the things you love to see (add wink here, if you know what I mean, hehe) a good cocktails, the wind blowing with freshness, anyway, really makes you want to pack now!, but for this reason we need a good pair of swim shorts that help us not just for the beach but for when we are not on it, so I have selected 6 options of swim shorts in two of my favorite online fashion stores: Farfetch and Mr.Porter, so check it out!

First thing first, I wanted talk a little bit about of swim shorts that it have evolved until our days, with all types of shapes, colors and patterns. It's an alternative option to trunks because the truth is that not all kind of person looks good with it. If you are a person with some weight, your better option is wear swim shorts because helps to hide a little bit the waist area.

The better of swim shorts is that they are useful to go to walk for other places without the need to change clothes, take in account always the type of print that you are wearing for this way combine it with shirts, t-shirts, sandals, loafers, fedoras and sunglasses for a casual look. If you time in your trip to the beach or resort is extended, you need to have a good pair of them because they could save you in occasions where you don't have the right look for a date and also to vary if you have invitation for beach night parties. The ideal is when you have to go to places more formal like eat or something like that, you need version in cotton fabrics with neutral colors for of this way be in tune with the occasion, well without more to say, here are my 6 options for you:


 Etro Floral Swim Shorts-$350

Thom Browne Floral Print Swim Shorts-$314.54


Polo Ralph Lauren Traveler Mid Length Polka Dot Swim Shorts-$80

Maison Kitsune Mid Length Printed Swim Shorts-$225

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Printed Mid-Length Swim Shorts-$345

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