Style Inspirations: Tropical Hibiscus!

5:10:00 PM

The summer is still present, the sun each time is more intense, although in certain places have started to rain intensely. What can we do? Of this way is the actual weather, but this is not an impediment to be well dressed, so this time I have another Style Inspiration for you!.

 In this process to find an inspiration (it's like when you are in front of the closet and you ask: What the hell I'm going to wear today? with all the options around you) I saw this Topman shirt and I said to myself: Gale, this is a shirt with a risky print, are you sure that people could wear it without fear? There are two instinctive answers to that: My left shoulder voice will say: "Surely someone will shout to see this shirt and despite of all the money in the world, they won't use that, don't do it!" and my voice in my right shoulder will say:"Always there are moments; where you should leave your comfort zone and experiment!" I would lie if I say I'm like the left voice because the truth is that I'm like a little of both.

But you know what, always we must to improve and experiment if the fear is still with us because if we are afraid to do something each day that we think that truly could be great, we never know if the result will be good or not. The prints are risky but if we learn to use them correctly, they will look great in us, a I have said previously, the key is in begin with the little prints and then to go increasing the size of them. The print of this shirt, is a popular flower in tropical climates, in my country is called: "Flor de Papo" but its scientific name is: Hibiscus. I took as reference the tones of the shirt to combine with a short trouser in a pink tone that is great for the climate. I finished to ensemble  the look with a bohemian-rustic style (so trendy and something I like so much actually) with a brim hat, woven leather slippers, a medium size messenger leather bag, a watch with a light style for doesn't overcharge the look, a woven leather bracelet and dark sunglasses for complement the look. It's a fresh look for any occasion in this summer. Hope you like it and see you next time.

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