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I'm a big fan of Instagram, I know, is something that in this time anybody can avoid but hey! there are many interesting things in this social network, so many creative people that is so hard lost long time there. And in my navigation for the Instagram's feed, I gave with something that I found very interesting and I wanted to follow it through.

It's about of Thread Experiment a new way to give it life to the most important place in your room, your bed, but with dose of color and attractiveness, if you are tired of the same monochromatic tone, you should to know more about of this new option...

Thread Experiment is a specialized site in bedding's clothes for men created by three men: Greg Shugar, Justin Mikita and Greg Winner, that they observing the unbalanced market of bedding clothes that predominantly is based in a women market, they were motivated in create why not, an option for men but without simple or monotone.

They have various options of bedding clothes: Duvets, Shams, Comforters and Bedding sheets. All of them have a great visual attractive with beautiful nautical prints, palms leaves, paisley or also textures like plaids and lines in harmonic and sober colors, but surely it will be a fabulous visual point in your bed.

The material is specially selected sticking out a 100% woven cotton, allowing it to be a soft and comfortable piece to rest. The prices for its quality are very attractive too, for this reason is easy to create your different combination taking each style to your taste.

Part of the special characteristics of the brand is that in the back side of the duvets and comforters they have a beautiful polka dots print that is in fact their signature. The truth is that I'm surprised for their quality and for this new option for men of that they can dress their bed of a great and interesting way, if you want to know more about them and to get their options for bed you can visit them in their web: Thread Experiment.

Photos: Thread Experiment.

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