Advices of Style: In the rain with style

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Yes, It's true, we are in summer, a sun that shines hard, the wind, the flowers, the rain....wait a moment, what? Yes, you are not reading wrong, in certain places the rain is a constant part of the climate, some of these places is because the crazy climate change that we are living but in cities as mine where the summer has like roommate the rainy season, there is not choice but to take precautions because everything is so unexpected and inopportune.

But we are not be afraid because we can still be elegant in rainy days, so this post is about a loyal friend of us, the raincoat and her battle friend, the umbrella. Yes, something like Sherlock has to Watson, anyway, both of them should be your allies for when you think that a rainy day is near you can be prepared and as always I have options for you, so check it out!

The raincoat is not just this piece that our mothers and grandmothers used to put in our backpacks, is a great useful piece for rainy days for keep our clothes dry and keep us warm because the rain also brings with it cold.

The raincoat has left to be just a piece elaborated with waterproof PVC, we can have style with them without we look like traffic cops in a storm. There are other types of materials like wool, cotton, gabardine or twill in lightweight  fabrics and comfortable. The ideal is to take in account that the raincoat is a recurrent piece that you can have in the place you are, waiting for its use. So my advice of style is to have one or two in basic colors like black, sand tone or dark navy blue for this way you can play with what you are wearing that day. The gray also is a great option to take in account in your decision of choose your group of raincoats.

I have 3 raincoat options for you have an idea:

Tommy Hilfiger Navy Fly Front Classic Fit Raincoat-$177.45

Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Classic Raincoat-$316

Sanyo Classic Fit Raincoat-$255.42

Now, we talk about the umbrella, an accessory very necessary in these days, some men still feel apprehension for this accessory but the truth is that is a very essential piece for the modern man, it never should miss one in rainy times and is important that you get a high quality umbrella because that depends its durability and that you can be secure and dry.

Attempt that the fabric of your umbrella be resistant, at the same time that all the material that composing the frame be strong because there are versions very weak that it could be short-lived and give you headache, always invests in products that last long time with you.

Also I have 3 options of umbrellas for you:

Barneys New York Doorman Stick Umbrella-$65

Brooks Brothers Doorman Umbrella-$93.75

The important things here is that always you have in your disposition these two pieces because they are a way to keep you dry and why not with style, see you next time.

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