Advices of Style: How to wear white trousers

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I should not start a new post with a forever ongoing excuse but due to time off I've had this is the only way to do, so you are aware to why these spaces between posts happen before continuing the subject. This week I have had serious problems when uploading photos on the blog and it has caused uploading posts on the blog to be quite hard because most of this space contains images. And similarly I wanted to remind you that I post 3 times a week, so now if you don´t  see me on other days you know the reason. That said, let's get on, some days ago I was watching a video that the menswear online shopping site Mr. Porter uploaded about using white pants and thought it was great, short and concise but I noticed in the comments that people have some discomfort when using these pants. Nothing closer to reality, to be honest, I was one of those people who hates white clothes, because although we are no longer children, white garments have some sort of curse with getting dirty for any reason or appear to be dirty and at the first sign of a stain, we all enter panic alert.

Despite this, it shouldn't be a piece to leave out of the closet because white trousers are really a trump card when the need to create outfits arises, is a neutral color that goes with basically anything you want to wear and it looks visually impeccable, clean and fresh, because it is a light hue. Now I see this particular tone as an informal one rather than being suitable for office attire with suits and all the works because unless you are striving to look like a male nurse or about to call the spirits from beyond you shouldn't wear total white suits.


  1. Take the pants as the base for your look, knowing beforehand that what you are going to wear is white makes it easier to know if you are matching it with lighter shades or darker ones..

  2. Is also easier playing with different colors: with a white trouser you can wear strong prints and mix them with alike hues because visually there is not that much going on that will forbid you to do so, because there are certain dark colors that might prove challenging when trying to pair it all together.

  3. If you are going for the total white in an informal manner, be sure to keep an eye for textures, it is really great when you can mix a motorcycle white jacket, a sweater with a light graphic detail, pants and brogue shoes in white as well or maybe a sweatshirt, pants and white sneakers, it makes for great day-wear.

  4. They are also ideal to achieve a fresh look, maybe with a navy hue to go for the nautical or Mediterranean vibe. In a pastel or darker color is also a great choice for a more formal outfit.

Examples of how to wear white trousers the correct way:

Care know-how´s when wearing white trousers:

Let´s be honest, we are usually weary of wearing white clothes because they get dirty annoyingly easy and it is a drag to be all the time on our nerves because of it, but if we are a bit careful it shouldn't be too much of a inconvenience. We must try not to sit on places that are packing with dust, might be a chair or a wall is quite easy getting a dust stain from them. It is also quite convenient if you pack a piece of fabric or some sort of covering device in the bag, if you happen to use one, so they come handy if the place to sit is not inspiring any trust. And of course being sure of keeping the hands clean because an accidental touch might get the pant to stain.

There are no great reasons to hate wearing white trousers, I mean it is tedious that white things don´t remain fully white but is not the end of the world though, there are really great styles that can be created starting from this garment so it might be good to think in taking a leap of faith and wear it more.

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