Wardrobe Basics: Denim-o-rama!

9:26:00 AM


It's not there better piece than a pair of jeans, I'm not the first or the last in give this affirmation, so clear and convincing, since this material was created and Levis Strauss invented the first pair of jeans, is not there a day that some people has ceased to wear this versatile piece in the closet as much feminine as masculine.

The denim is a noble material, a fabric made from cotton yards that in this seasons is the favorite and infallible ally of many looks of streetstyle. The denim in all its variations has been synonymous of rebellion, liberty and audacity because is a representation of the uniform of the society  and the way how it has evolved.

But already the denim is not just jeans, we can see it in different pieces as I previously said, in shirts, shoes, blazers and more. It's important that you have one of each piece for wear it of two ways, the first is in combination with other pieces, these could be basic colors or strong prints, whatever you wear, the denim will help to highlight the piece and also give it a relaxing and cool air. The second one is more experimental and is combine the denim together in a total look, either with the same tone of denim or in different tonalities playing with the gradation of the tone of denim.

I will show you different pieces, that you can found the denim and choose what you like more, and for that I have two recommendation for you:

  1. You must to have various jeans, this trouser like a daily use piece, it tends to wear out easily, so it's good give it a breath once a while, in addition that is good to have various tonalities and styles depending of what you wear.

  2. Also is good that you experiment with diverse styles as overalls and blazers to create new ways to wear this great complement of your closet.

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