Style Inspirations: Pastel Artsy

6:54:00 PM

Some time ago it came out the colors of the year given by the color Institution: Pantone. The colors are Rose Quartz and Serenity, two tones that belonging to the pastel tonalities, but in this case a little more dull, almost dusty. So I wanted to make a Style Inspiration with this two tones in two separated inspirations.

To give it a different touch I added a artsy tone to the inspiration for give it life and interest. Also that these two tones are not easy to coincide so I chose two pieces close to these two tones.

The first one is a look very casual, almost Street wear type, a look with a long shirt hat you can wear with buttoned or rolled up sleeves. The shirt of Paul Smith has a print something psychedelic, but fresh and actual that combine very well with the pink, I chose a grey sneakers to harmonize the look. In accessories nothing better that a cap but white for that it doesn't distract the attention of the look, a messenger bag in leather, aviator sunglasses and a Anchor bracelet.

The second one is almost a gradation of sky blue, the base of the look is the color of the short, is a dull tone, I combined with a Sweatshirt of Christopher Raeburn with a curious print of monkeys (although is a feminine option, the sweatshirt is so unisex, what is very valid) and a gladiator sandals in black. In accessories I wanted to tint the look with black and dark tones, so I combined with a black fedora and bracelet in the same tone, Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses and a bag in navy blue.

I hope you like it, is a great option for wear tones that look childish, but with a indicated combination is a perfect look for the Spring-Summer. See you next time!

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