Wardrobe Basics: Fedoras!

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The sun in some places is into full swing, with the global warming what before was a delicious heat for the season, now the heat is to levels where you can fry an egg in the floor, is important to take care and protect each part of your body, specially the head and what's better than with a basic of style that it could help us to counteract the ultraviolet rays, a fedora...

If you have been a good observer in my style suggestions o in some posts, this kind of hat is one of my favorites, for the interesting visual game that it gives to wear it. Also because is very combinable with various pieces doing of this type of hats a timeless resource for any moment.

Knowing more about this valuable accessory, the fedora got its name due to an impersonation of Fédora, for the dramatist Victorien Sardou in 1882 written by Sarah Bernhardt that also has a role as the heroine of the impersonation called Princess Fédora that casually wore a hat of this type.

But the real name of this hat is Borsalino, name given to the company hat created it, founded by Giuseppe Borsalino. Both names currently valid.

It has been countless people who have used this hat as part of their vestment like:

  • For the Prohibition time in United States in the middle of 1920 to 1950, this hat was associated to the image of the Gangsters. For the middle of 50's the fedora was and accessory of frequent use in menswear.

  • Also is part of the iconic image of the most famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones.

  • It was par of the Michael Jackson's vestment, in may of his performances.

  • The character of  Neal Caffrey in White Collar interpreted by Matt Bomer, frequently wear this hat.

Its use varies according the season where in winter, the use of wool, felt or some combination of fur is frequent to get warm and adapt to this season and in summer the weaved straw is very used because it allows the passage of air and keep the head fresh but free of sun heat.

Also you can found versions made to measure for expert milliners and options ready to wear equally beautiful, we can combine this accessory as you want because there is a general rule, but obviously not wear summer fedoras in winter and if you wear a winter one, we can procure  that it be of a thin thickness for that it be comfortable to be in a heat weather. The color is also adapted to what you wear and my recommendation will be that to get a whole look you can opt for combine this weaved straw fedoras with linen shirts or cotton sweatshirts and also cotton trousers  and leather sandals for a summer look, if you want a more formal look, a Oxfords shoes are great there.

I will show you 4 ideal options of weaved straw fedoras for his summer:

Paul Smith Contrast Trim Woven Hat- 140$

Ted Baker London 'Madhatt' Straw Fedora- 69.91$

Stretson Aviator Straw Fedora- 150$

Gucci Grosgrain Trimmed Straw Fedora- 295$

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