Style Inspirations: Vibrant Boho

6:01:00 PM

I have been a little absent for reasons beyond my control but I'm here with other Style Inspiration, this time with an interesting stylism because although I'm not a person that the bohemian style be part of him, attracts me because its elements are in the things that I love that is rustic, raw style.  Per se, the bohemian style has between its key points ethereal pieces, vaporous, full of cultural elements and soft colors which makes one of the styles with a pacific and calm vibe. But I wanted to give a light twist with vibrant elements but respecting these earthy tones which make so special.

I chose a sweatshirt because is interesting to wear this piece in summer, in fabrics like cotton are very comfortable and you can roll up the sleeves for that they are more comfortable, the tone is a cadmium orange that I combined with a slim chino shorts in light green color (that's more aqua green for me) with a weaved belt, it's important the balance and play of tones here, stronger above and a soft tone below, also is great to play with non common tones for make outfits with something to say.

A sandals is the best complement for a look boho type and also for this appearance of going to walk long time and enjoy the scenery. To be more protected, a weaved straw fedora hat to avoid the direct sun. Other accessories will be a leather watch and a weaved leather bracelet with a anchor like detail, a backpack, because is easier to carry one of this style for outputs like picnics or something special where you have that feel free of carry it with the hand, a modern frames sunglasses and something special, a drops of Dolce & Gabbana The One because its fresh and spicy touch is perfect for the afternoon, so I hope you like and see you next time.

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