Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2016 Review

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Fashion in South Korea is really impressive, what I like more of it is the way how they combine the formal style with the casual in a very attractive and great way for wear with other pieces and get the better with them. I ave a good group of fashion designers that I would like to wear some of their pieces and also I'm fan of their work, for that I did this little review (second time actually) of the Seoul's runways with the best of their collections for the next fall.


The collection has a party air, like when you go out with your friends in he night and you spend time with one of them and both enjoy the moment. There is a great presence of tones like blue, black, grey, nude colors, red and white, as well as jacket in velvet, embroidery and sweatshirts with bulldogs (my favorite). The shapes combine the formal style with one very casual and fun.


The military aesthetic has not gone and much less of the streetwear. The shade of green including olive and dark tones are present in each piece that independent of having the thematic or not, it is a great resource when you want to make your outfits. Charm's plays with this thematic and the shapes giving a relax appearance but elegant, apart of the basic colors of the military thematic, we can see black and red tones in a seductive oriental red, also in a garnet red or in tonalities of a dull red almost like a pale salmon.


It's clear the Vetements has had a strong influence in all the collections in Seoul, in part for their big shapes where the sleeves cover the hands in a oversize version of them and this collection is not the exception. But leave aside the fact of the coincidence of the silhouettes, Heich Es Heich has a rich palette of pastel tones and something dusty with a combination of pieces in velvet, a great apparition of oversize jackets and parkas, letter prints in sweatshirt and fur. The shape is casual but at the same time something structured.


What I can say of this designer, I respect so much the tailoring because is a great art of make with high precision a male garment and perhaps I don't wear daily a suit, many of these pieces like suit jackets, coats, jackets,  that I've been able to wear really like me. Previously I had made a review of the fashion in Seoul and clearly Kim Seo Ryong became one of my favorites. The collection has a dandy's air of 70's with an amazing shape in all his pieces with a fantastic combination of materials like velvet, plush lamb, calf skin, in addition of other soft materials that contribute of give it a great appearance to this collection.


To conclude this review of the Seoul Fashion Week, I wanted to mention also to this brand that is inspired in the sleepwear of the Grand Budapest Hotel, so there is a great influence of this pieces inspired by pajamas, oversize sleeves (allusion or inspiration?) oversize coats, a fabulous choice of fabrics and beautiful prints.

In conclusion, the Korean's fashion has great points to take in account for that some of these pieces are in your closet, each of them have many creativity and style and I would love to have each ting of them.

Photos: Vogue Runway.

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