Style Inspirations: Summer Blue!

5:52:00 AM

Entering the summer and also the new option of the stylism and lifestyle web Polyvore that it is joins finally to menswear fashion revolution era. Yes, I'm being dramatic but I really excited that finally  there are more options to share with you my stylism options and you have options to create your outfits, in this occasion, summer.

We are not just in summer, also we share season with spring so the tropical, natural and floral topic will be very present as always, but it depends of us give it the twist to refresh the options. My first outfit for this season is a casual one but great to wear of many ways, the look revolves around to the blue tone as a base of the whole outfit with a tropical print shirt of short sleeves something fit to body, just the option of the shirt offer us a simple  and uncomplicated moment to go to the street and enjoy the ambiance. If we want something more formal, we could add a denim jacket with a worn out look. I have preferred to use jeans in this look because visually plays with the whole ensemble, in addition to that helps to define the shape and create balance. A pair of loafers are the appropriated shoes to spend hours and feel us comfortable, the shape that these shoes have is a mix between loafers and monk-straps shoes so it is suitable of in a formal and casual way.

As accessories I opted to a fedora hat because gives a bohemian and elegant air to the ensemble, it can't lack a good pair to aviator sunglasses that are perfect for that all combines good, a watch with a rustic air but with an elegant box and a wide bag where you can carry your implements if you decide go to the pool for a while or wherever you want to go.

My advise for you with a multipurpose look is to know well how you can use it , after work and inside of it, play with the tone of some of the pieces of your outfit, in this case the shirt and as it is summer, found the more fresh alternatives to enjoy of it, I hope you liked it and see you next time.

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