Let's talk about: Men's Pedicure

8:15:00 AM

If there is something that I always think is, in the taboos that men have when they go to care of themselves. Still is ingrained the idea of the "macho man" this kind of rustic man of strong character that it doesn't allow anything that is not strictly male, learned behaviors of long time ago that they remained immovable. This is a new section inside of the category of grooming that I want to share with you, a way to address a little bit about these topics and develop it later, so between friends and coffee (or what you like to drink) let's talk about: Men's pedicure.

The feet are one of the most important parts of human body, they are who hold our weight and we keep us standing, being a very visible par of the body, always they are in constant visibility for people, more if is frequent the use of sandals. the constant use of closed shoes and the frequent use of the feet for walk, run among others cause the feet suffer and creating a certain resistance like a skin layer that hardens or dead cells that is accumulated due to the use of the shoes or even by walking barefoot for a good amount of time. Groom our feet and keep them healthy and presentable are one of the things that there is to take in account, because the majority of the ailments and tiredness in the legs is caused for these callosities and skin tightening that make a kind of resentment and an annoying stinging, free us of them will make that our feet come alive and we are more comfortable to walk.

The big fear of a man with respect to the pedicure is the fact of that always have been something that all the life women have made and for someone being labeled of some of these ugly social labels that actually are really absurd, restrained them.

But the truth with this issue is all the contrary my friends, the most important is your personal care, which in one way or another is not just for vanity, but also for health, so cheer up and go to the beauty saloon specialized in men care because there are many now that just is dedicated to male beauty and relax, seriously, you told me the difference, aside the taboos and enjoy your own self . In next articles, I will give you some steps for you try at home.

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