Interiors: The Industrial Style

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The industrial style is a particular style that it rescues materials and textures of past times. It's a great resource to reuse spaces that were abandoned and give them new life, together with other styles giving eclecticism and a very singular appearance...

It's a style that it has a natural beauty, not produced with particular elements that in some moment they had a specific use like old hangars, disused factories, even containers are resources that many people has taken to give them a new use taking advantage of all the characteristics of the place.

The way like you take advantage of the space will depend so much of the reflect that you want to give it to the ambiance, you could create an elegant and minimalist ambiance with sober pieces that play with the tones of the place, also create a Kitsch ambiance with vintage pieces, an Artsy and sophisticated space with sculptures and paintings. It's a space that shares similarities with the rustic style because both shake the hands regarding to share resources.

The strong difference between one and other is that the rustic one is base in the "raw" elements like wood, bricks or concrete, rough textures, an aspect lightly disregarded and also it has an intrinsical beauty. The industrial one for other part has elements that some time were part of its ambiance, like thick steel beams, lighting lamps, stairs, metallic windows and other extensive group of elements.

If you want to apply this style in your home, you could get lamps with wide shapes "factory shape" to decorate specific places of your home, like the dining room, taking three of them and placing them suspending on the ceiling, also you could reuse vintage metallic drawer cabinets, use metallic scaffolds to create bookcases or shelves to collocate your electrical equipment.

Combine walls of rustic aspect either from wood or brick with modern parts, like metallic doors or structures that possess this element, will give a combination to be in a factory in a very interesting way. Also takes idea of images that help you to support the styling idea and remember that small details are what will make the difference in this great style that no doubt will make that your home has a unique appearance.

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