Editor's Letter: It's summer time!

5:33:00 PM

It's good when you know that there is a place where you like to come back and that when you get used to, you start missing it. I'm back of my something extended vacations, wishing back to share with you my passion for fashion.  The true is I didn't want to extend me in my vacations or my pause time to call it to somehow, but as already I had to informed before to I leave, I was to make some changes to my blog and the results are great actually, is beautiful isn't it? so I would talk a little bit of the different that it has my blog this time, so take a look...

First at all, everything you saw before in the blog is present yet, but I had the idea to give it a sensation of my blog like a magazine style but very informal, a meeting place to menswear fashion and topics concerning to us, because I felt that I needed and place where talk closer, like friends, of things that we like and also that we could to learn. I have been fan of many feminine fashion blogs that have this thematic, even if they are personal and I have brought a little bit about it. So the blog, as you can see is divided by categories, so you may found each section easily, many of them still remain empty but little by little, they will be appearing in the sections, just for you are informed. As well as some other future sections.

I have added a little space that I called Women's closet that it will be update once for week with information or advises about womenswear fashion, for maybe you can learn a little bit about it and to know what are the things that could be a fantastic gift for a lady or some suggestions when you go to shopping with your girlfriend if this were the case, or also if some woman visit my blog can have a small informative space about trends or advises because there is a feminine sector that visit my blog, so this is for you.

Also there is small new sections inside of the above, to expand topics of male importance like let's talk about to... in the grooming section, to talk like a friends conversation about grooming topics that still they are a taboo or something new  that will be great to discuss.

And as the post title says we are in summer (although in some place the winter continue to rage) so I will dedicate a good part to this season where the color and the shining and warm atmosphere make an appearance.

But is better that you discover every thing about the new appearance of the blog for yourself and of the same way seeing the things that I bring new for you. Very soon I will share posts with my own style so stay tuned, I hope you will enjoy it this new appearance of my blog and  it's good to see you again!

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