Diary: The double standard of Fashion

4:34:00 PM

The fashion is a space to supply a necessity: dress ourselves, cover the body and protect us of the weather, but also help to express feelings, moments, tastes and even social and politic declarations. Fashion also is associated with the individuality and with nurture a sensation of ownership and to be like you want to be.

The fashion has evolved so much and which it takes the lead is the womenswear, with fabulous creations where the women can take some piece and create a own style. The menswear, however, its evolution has been slow but significant and we are in a time where the menswear has had a big thrust, as well as that contribution of a nourished group of menswear fashion bloggers that they have helped in one way to another to meet the target of expand the vision of that also the man consumes fashion.

Fashion online stores dedicated to men like for an example Mr. Porter, have good annual numbers of their menswear sales and each day other online stores expand their offer that is each time more demanded. The menswear fashion has broadened its horizons of just be fabulous suits and all its implements to meet with fashion of beginning of the century where the man was who led all the aspects of fashion because many of the things that nowadays the women use, these were created precisely for men. There are a nourished group of designers that they are break the rules of menswear, creating collections with many references, prints, colors and shapes that before they were very little permitted.

Fashion editors, buyers and the select group of the fashion industry, applaud each achievement that is produced now in menswear. But precisely, this same sector, that applaud and acclaim the audacity of fashion designers to extend the spectrum of menswear, they are capable of, with a double standard, criticize to who is capable of embrace without fear these trends in menswear.

What do you play? Could believe in their words, that coming full of wisdom and time with respect to fashion? How is that one day you applaud a trend, a change and a new air and then the other day you criticize to someone that wear what you said that it was a great advance? How a person could gain confidence in expand his wardrobe if yourself  provoke that all the efforts of that person will vanish as sea foam?

The menswear is a delicate aspect, because no everybody are disposed to enter in a ground full of textures, colors, prints or shapes and yes, there are people that should be nourished of knowledge for these trends can be used of the right way, but not cause the opposite only by fact of buy an article. The change is in that you can create a balance for that the people keep expressing of the way that they want. And my dear friends, I recommend you that to be like you want to be, wear like you want to wear because the most important is be yourself. If you want to wear a sweatshirt with many textures and you like as it looks, use it! the most important thing is that can to be happy with yourself, of course, learning how to do that look great on you, because for that something looks great you have to have confidence, and avoid what people say, because of this way you could enjoy everything.

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