Music Vibes: Happy 100th Frank!

4:54:00 PM

The past December, 12 celebrated his 100th years who was and continues to be one of the best singers, a great voice, with a special and romantic style, and one of my favorite singers for a long time, no more and no less than Frank Sinatra.

Francis Albert Sinatra was one of the best American Jazz and traditional pop music singer of all times, also was a songwriter, actor, producer and director. He is considered one of the most popular and influential of many artist of 20th century. In addition to be one of the music artist with best-selling albums around the world with an estimate of 150 millions of records. Known to be a hopeless romantic man and also for his known conquests that were many of the most recognizable faces of the movie history. He had a natural gift for the music that it caused him to be the great musician that we all know, for that reason I have chosen 10 songs that I love of his wide repertoire for that you listen with me and remember to one of the great musical exponents that it has had this world.


Theme From New York, New York

I've Got You Under My Skin

Strangers In The Night

Somethin' Stupid

That's Life

The Way You Look Tonight

Come Fly with Me

Fly to the Moon

All The Way

My Way

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