How to care you Sneakers

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The major part of the people wear sneakers because is one of easier shoes to put and combine, my best friend is very fan of it and he is not satisfied with just one, he wants more and more. But I don't blame him for that, who couldn't succumb to the temptation of a good pair of sneakers, but hey! this is not a post about sneakers per se because I've talked about it a little bit in this space and as I promised, this time I will talk of how to care your sneakers, for that they look of the same way as when you did buy it and of this way continues the take a look ...

There is nothing better than a pair of sneaker to dress your look, specially if they are white sneakers that its major attractive is that they look unpolluted all the distance, as is an often used article, we have to take in account various things for that always they look of this way, because with this frequently use, we submit to the sneakers to constant sweat, dirty or mud that it could have in where we are walking, among other things.

Among the advises that we must to take in account to care your shoes and they remain in optimal conditions are:

  • For any reason (if you desire that your sneakers last more time of what you imagine) place you sneakers in the washing machine. The washing cycle for softer than be it weakens the material.

  • Make sure of remove all the dust of the sneakers before of clean it with soap. If you were using  the sneakers in humidity places with mud or other material easy to remove, wait that the mud dries and then with a brush, clean it softly for all the corners where the mud is stuck.

  • Ensures aerate your sneakers if you used them without socks for a prolonged time, because the sneakers don't have many inside ventilation so the heat and sweat could create an odor not very nice odor, so place your sneakers in a ventilated place.

  • When you wash your sneakers never expose to direct sunlight because this could abrade the material product of the heat. The ideal is place it in a place where the light from but not directly in a secure place.

  • Always for security, read the inside label of your sneakers for you know which are its care, because not always the care of your sneakers is the same.

  • Use materials that help you to clean but that they are soft with the material of your sneakers. It's preferable use a brush with natural bristles to a synthetic, because the bristles usually are of hard plastic.

Taking this into account, the steps to wash properly our sneakers are as follows: 

  • With a brush we remove all the dirtiness in the sole, then we take a damp cloth for this way remove the more superficial dirtiness.

  • Then we put off the laces for a best cleaning of your sneakers, also we take the laces and immerse in a soft soapy solution to take out any trail of dirtiness attached to the fiber, you could  leave it a day in soaking for that the dirt out without need to have that use the brush on it, just if is necessary.

  • We'll use a soup a solution, preferably soft to wash our sneakers, that be a half part of soap and a part of water because is better using diluted for not feel this soapy feeling.

  • Wash the sneakers with a brush with soft bristles of a gentile to respect the material of the sneaker, but at the same time cleaning correctly all parts, for smaller areas we could use a toothbrush (if it is an old toothbrush is better)

  • We clean the insole of the sneaker apart if it is removable, if not, then we grabbed the brush without add much product inside and take out the dirty that it could have for use the sneakers without socks. And also must clean the insides of the sneakers.

  • Finally let dry naturally, to dry off the remaining humidity could use a towel and for last we use a water and stain repellent for this way, keep in good condition our sneakers.

There are many products that could work for the care of your sneakers, among them, there is one that Mr. Porter recommends: Jason Markk. I've not had the moment yet to try the product, because in my country don't sell this brand, but soon I will do a review of it and I'll let you know.

A little tip that I learned that maybe some people disagree, is use a toothpaste in the mid-sole and clean with a toothbrush, the whitening solution that it has the product help to remove stains and leave this part of the most optimal way. I personally used it and I must to say that it works and give them life again to these white mid-soles, testing is you know.

The best way to care your sneakers is keeping in its box or the shoe boxes that I had shown them before, rotating your sneakers for that they rest a little, using shoe trees or sneakers shields for keep its shape and with the steps that I've told, each times that use your sneakers, they will look like the first day.

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