Grooming: Beard Care

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These days have been a little hectic for me which contributed to my not being able to post regularly, so I sorry again for that. This time I bring something about grooming and I don't know if I had promised but after to talk a little about man bun and its care, I was thinking about the trend that is booming right now, the long beards, that in general I think they are very attractive, as long as they are properly cared, and like I'm not a man that has grown with a beard because my genetic doesn't allows me to have one, this post is dedicated for you that walk with proud your beard, so let's see a little...

The beards for some men usually are a great part of their personal appearance, many men when grow up desire to have them, other don't, but the true is that in part, the beard contribute to elaborate a more mature image in some people and even helps them to mold their own face of a more attractive way.
The beards don't look so well in each person, so know well what type of beard sit well to their type of face is fundamental, here there are various types of beards that you could found:

Among the care that you must have for your beard are:

First of all there is that take in account that under of you beard that need care, so we must clean to eliminate dead cells and hydrate it the most that we can, so we will avoid flaking or certain sensation of itching for the excess of dead skin, because the skin regenerates to each moment, for that is good take care.

  • When you wash you beard, you must use products that respect the natural oils that your skin produce, you must to wash it three week with product and the rest of the days with just water, this the better way of keep it in optimal conditions, however this will vary in the person, but we don't exceed more of the time with the products because would avoid that the natural oils make their job.

  • Wash the beard from roots to ends, rubbing in all possible directions, because this help to clean also the skin under the beard. Use warm water to remove all residue of the product of the beard, don't use hot water because we would be drying up the skin and it would be unwise.

  • To dry the beard, we must to dry with a clean towel of soft way because the strands of the beard are delicate in this point. You can pass a hair dryer to warm temperature, to finish to dry off, stretching and passing gently a comb.

  • After of this point the use of the oil to hydrate the beard is essential, because it helps you to hydrate better the skin because the moisturizers for the skin could provoke dryness in the beard, so the use of organics oils is the best. The use is simple if you have an a small beard, you must to apply a small quantity that it could be more if the beard is longer, rub your hands with it and apply the oil from bottom to the top distributing for all sides in special the skin.
    Already with the beard softer, we can comb it , we must use a hand made comb preferably and special to beards because many cheap combs usually produce static electricity, therefore the ends of the beard could have frizz and ripple.

  • We comb softly, if we get a knot, release it with the hand and comb in the sense of the beard for it look equal and grow of the same way. Comb the beard depends of your face shape and it must be taking carefully because of this will depend the optimal growing of your beard.

Among the products that you can found for the beard care are:

Oils: They are a necessary part of the care ritual of your bead, you could found of different types: Jojoba, Argan, Almond, among others more.
Balms: It is the conditioner of your beard. The majority of them is made with bee-wax, but also you can found them of lanolin or butter. these components tend to be heavier than the made with wax because tend to be more creamy in its consistency.
Combs: Something important to take in account because is ideal no use any kind of combs to comb your beard. The essential is use combs static free, hand made and of separated teeth to avoid tangling the strands of your beard.
Shampoo/conditioner: It's preferable use a special shampoo for the beard, that it is parabens or sulphates/sulphides, also there is to know that the follicles of your beard is not the same than your hair. For condition you beard just is enough use the oils.

This is just a light explanation about the care of the beard, later I will talk about the products, but is good to know a little about the importance of the care for of this way to have an attractive beard and well care.

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