Editor's Letter: Holidays and new things coming...

4:24:00 PM

December has arrived and 2015 almost over, a year with ups and down but in the end always trying make the best of what life gives us.

The best that I could get this year is that I came back to relaunch my blog with a new concept and excited me every day share my love for fashion expressed in each article that you can read here.

It's for this reason that for the next ear, I come with new interesting things, many of the sections that you can see in the menu of the blog but I have not written nothing on it yet, it will be present, being as I have many ideas that I have not finished of materialize, so you could know more about it for when I get ready. The appearance as I said to the beginning of the blog will change for a new version that I hope you like it and I'm excited for this new step of my blog.

I really thanks to all us that read my blog and take the time to see every thing that I publish or illustrate, for that I'd like to know more about you, if you my dear friend that read this blog, because I would like to know what you think, like or you would like to see in this space that although talk about menswear fashion and the way I see it, also I'm interested to know other things that you would like to know and this blog is open to suggestions.

Also my birthday number 28 is coming, (January 1st) I know, a pretty day to birth. Among the sarcasm and the happiness, is a date that makes me feel happy. The time goes by but each day is more exciting, at the end of the day, is better to leave the negativity and the heavy thoughts aside and renewed, look with shine eyes each moments and make it the best. Hoping for the best, like this December's editorial letter, end of this year, I wish a fabulous holidays and all the best for you, today and always.

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