Diary: Thoughts and Happy Holidays!

5:06:00 PM

This year is next to end and 2016 is coming, as every year, a year with many expectations, with eager to change and personal improvements, but with all the positivism, because we must give thanks that we are good, with life and happy. Back to my blog wasn't easy, more with this radical change that I did, first with this sensation that I had to do it, but also with something of affliction to leave other part of what I love behind, but all is evolve or die and I couldn't be happier with this short time that it has the new version of my blog...

To have time in the blogging media and change is not easy, not matter if you've got many or few things, the changes are not easy and perhaps I resist thinking a little because I tend to be a little more calculating in the things I want to do it well, always is better give the fist step, because you have two options, or thrown into the ring and to see what life brings with it or remain seated thinking about what might have been. To me 2015 has not been easy but has not been bad either because this year given me very good things, but still of this way, I don't complain at all. I'm back to one of my passions that is drawing, it can to develop each day a little more of it after of leave it a little abandoned, fills me with life. Write about menswear has emerged more my passion for fashion and on one side I feel comfortable, combining each things have been great and thanks to all of you to believe in my talent and in what I do.

I know that good things come, it will be great if the things that I have waiting for so long come true but if these things still in the road here I am to receive it when be the moment.  Interesting things come to my blog, among these things, the spaces that I don't have develop yet, and a little corner of womenswear for that learn a little about it and also because I know that some of you girls, come to my blog frequently, so thanks for it too.

So I wish Happy Holidays with all my affection for you, this is a space creating specially for you in an eclectic and different way about menswear and lifestyle and I hope that the next year be the best. For my part, I say goodbye for this year for holidays and vacations and I'll back with new batteries in 2016. Remember follow me in my social networks that you can found above in the menu of the blog, all them with the same name of my blog. I will be sharing things there regularly. So, a huge hug and thanks for everything.

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