Wardrobe Basics: White Shirts

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The white shirts are a fundamental element in any male closet, for what some time were in a college where the clothing was a uniform, the white shirts were the number one element of all the college's outfit and if you think  it was like the way to train your way of dressing later. But I'm not fan to be uniformed, so obviate a little bit that. The point is that the white shirt, jeans and boots, a safe look that train you for other uncomplicated looks later. But the white shirt has two functions, the informal one that is what we can wear when we seek a clean and minimalist look, playing with other things like textures or colors or in a formal level  for suits or etiquette, so let's see a little more about them a little lesson about the elements of shirt.

The White shirt, as well as the other types of male shirts has variations as to the collar and cuff of the shirt, this is because there are various styles and functions in the way in which we should to wear properly, between them I made this little infographic that we'll show the styles of collar and cuffs available:

The Styles of collars can be classified in:

  • Tall Spread Collar are more formal, this type of collars look good with suits or blazers. In the infographic is appeared to French collar. This collar has a great versatility so you could wear it of an informal way if you want.

  • Cutaway Collar is a wide and small collar that look good with tie suits or wearing the shirt with jeans, this collar look very well in all kind of pattern and is a very used style.

  • Point Collar is the most traditional styles that has a wide space for that tie knot remains just in the center, this style can be of a high or low style for a casual style.

  • Collar with button down is a style between formal and casual, you can see this in white shirts and also in casual shirts but with a elegant structure. It's widely recommended that the collar has a firm underlining for that the collar doesn't lose shape.

  • Club collar or rounded was a very used style in mid-20's and it was considered one of the shirts that it should have the man in its closet. It's a great collar to wear with jacket and ties, giving a very special look.

  • Deep cutaway collar is an ideal for people that wear knot ties, and for lengthen me so much because there are some more, it is the tuxedo collar that is the Wing Tip in the illustration or the Band collar which it is what before it, that you can see in linen shirts or of Oriental style.

Among the Cuffs that you could see are:

  • Round, Angle or Square cut. The round one is the common and you could see it in the major part of shirts, the angle one is the most professional and you can see it in formal shirt to wear in suits and the square one is the more rare to see but the same way has a certain formalism.

  • The Middle cut that are rounded and curves, the large cut that has a very pronounced curve and look good with buttons.

  • Napoli style that is a cuff that turned back and it is folds, you can wear this style with buttons. The cone style is more rigid but look very well with a special charm and the French style that is something appeared to Napoli but  is smaller, of a similar way is folds and only is wearing with cufflinks that are introduced in the double buttonhole. Also it has its rounded version but with the same style. Each one of these styles you could found them in two or three buttons or buttonholes to place the Cufflinks.

Now with this short explanation of the structure of a shirt, that works for that in your pursuit of shirts to dress you can take into consideration elements that could make the difference in what you wear, I going to show you different options of white shirts that, not necessarily are formal, but you can have the option of combine your look with this piece that is neutral and it can help you to when you don't have much inspiration, wear it and make something great.

First of all I have 4 options of  the Online fashion store Farfetch:

100% Cotton. Perfect to wear it with blazers and jeans or just the shirt, a fresh material for any moment of the day.

This shirt is 100% cotton, more formal that the previous one for wear it with suits and cufflinks.

100% cotton this model is much more casual, but not for that less attractive, what I love this shirt is its band shirt or Oriental style, that with the right outfit you could look like a very edgy-minimalist look.

This options is formal, ideal for wear it with structured blazers and tie, but if you dare, you could roll up the sleeves and wear it of a little more casual way. 100% cotton.

In other four options more I found in the online fashion shopping store Matchesfashion this shirt that this time is of short sleeve with an aspect edgier and informal, stretch for that it takes the shape of the body, is poplin-cotton a mix that gives certain rigidity, it has details of buttons in the cuff of the sleeve and a point collar that gives it elegance.

This shirt has a rounded collar, is made in Japan, 100% cotton and the center-back has a pleat to give it structure. Great to wearing it of an informal way, with straight or slim fit trousers, shoes or boots.

This shirt has a impeccable finished, is perfectly tailored, it has a combination of poplin-cotton that provides structure and an elegant point collar that allows that this shirt can be used int the way that you want or look elegant.

This shirt also comes in a slime cut for that it to conform the body, with a tie silvered bar. The material is a cotton mixed, with a point collar and the cuffs are French style of rounded shape.

This shirt looks perfect with structured looks together with leather jackets or blazers.

My interest here is give you options that you can wear not just in the job, when you are in a formal event or simply like an option more for your looks that it can be edgy, minimal or uncomplicated depending of the way of you interpret it. The shirts for its care and style are something expensive than the conventional shirts and keep them in good condition will depend of the way in that you care of them, preferably when you white shirts are yellowing is better leave aside of them, unless that you proceed to treat them to give it new life. It's a piece that you should be in you wardrobe more than a style because its versatility is wide for that it adapts to what you need.

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