Wardrobe Basics: Shades of Black

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The black as well as the white is a basic color that everything should to have in their closet, since you can't wrong with it. In addition that all the seasons is very recommended wear it and you can found in a very minimalist state and until in a conceptual style. It's the fetish color of many designers like Alexander Wang, Yohji Yamamoto or Riccardo Tisci but also we could play with it, not everything has to be totally black, we can use the gradation of black, and so, if  we want to wear totally black, instead of looking like of Emo culture, Dark or when people keep mourning, we can give it a twist and create a very interesting visual game, so let's see...

The black tone is and achromatic tone, that's to say, it lacks of clarity, a tone that visually help to create definition in vibrant pieces highlighting it, also help to stylize the shape and when we are in a hurry and we don't know what wear, is the most resorted piece, because is a great wildcard. There are a great number o people that are fan of black color and they wear it daily, because is an elegant, conservative color with a individualist connotation and of very personality for who wear it, especially because that settles very well with everything. But this time I wanted to play a little bit with the concept of black and as well as in the art exists the black gradation, we will base in this to play with black and that we don't become bored, at least  for those who don't wear black as a daily mode.

We are guided of this grey scale to have an idea to what I refer, the grey scale is a black gradation when light passing through it. It's a twilight game from the lighter to darker and vice-versa, so we can use from the black, distinct shades or gradation of black to create and interesting visual game. I will show some pieces, some totally black and other in a play of tones for that you have an idea to the hour to choose and play with black.


A biker jacket is the most useful piece in your closet, perfect for many styles, its versatility resides in its black tone and also that its hard look help to create combinations well balanced.

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Price: $76

This double breasted peacoat jacket is a formal style that you could wear if you need a jacket to wear in the office but at the same time you can use it to go to other places with it. It's elegant and it combines so well with many pieces.

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Price: $269

In this jacket we play with gradation of black tones, this is of a color nearest to black, the charcoal tone is an option for it can to combine with black pieces without that everything look of the same tone...a great coat for this winter season.

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Price: $115


The same concept that we apply with the white shirts we can use it with black shirts, there is not many science in this, because is play with the base color that you will wear, either black above black, gray above black etc... to create your black look. You  can keep the details of the collar and cuffs to give it more showiness. Also the use of black shirts with some print like polka dots will do of this black shirt, the "statement piece" that will give life to your look.

This black shirt has down buttons in the collar and simple cuffs and fits to the body in an elegant way.

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Price: $147.04

This black shirt with polka dots is the statement piece that you need in a look completely black.

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Price: $181.67

This grey shirt is perfect to use it inside or outside of the trouser, is cotton with a tone of grey so cool to wear with a structured black blazer and nothing else.

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Price: $250


The sweatshirts are the best way to combine grey gradations in the black tone, you can wear it in a plain tone like grey or black, or together with grey tones with black or the background in black with some gorgeous graphic on it. It is of the pieces that they become in statement pieces of your outfit.

This sweatshirt is very attractive, is high neckline (you have to pay attention to the large of you neck before to wear these type of necklines) and is completely black but the great of this sweatshirt is that when you fold the collar, a green fringe appears to give showiness to this simple piece.

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Price: $285

This sweatshirt is a perfect example to use graphics in black sweatshirts for that they become  in your statement piece o maybe to give it a little of color to your outfit, and this is fabulous.

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Price: $99

And this sweatshirt is a great example to grey gradation, because the horizontal stripes that it has they are in each tone of the grey scale, in addition of that the material is cashmere, a finest and cozy fabric.

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Price: $129


The topic with shoes is very neutral actually, this time when I talk of shoes  include both types, shoes to dress and sneakers (I will make a special post about black sneakers later) it depends so much of what we are wearing, if is completely black, we can opt for boots for more casual occasions, shoes to dress for events an more formal situations and sneakers for a crossing between both styles.

An option of my favorite style, the monk shoe, is above all the most elegant to wear with formal and casual clothing.

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Price: $185

There are many styles of boots, from the biker style, the type of boots that are a fusion with a shoe to dress or a military and thick style like these perfect for looks with a rustic air.

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Price: $300

And for last but not least a pair of black sneakers that in particular these type of sneakers are ideal to create semi-formal, elegant and trendy looks.

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Price: $308.72

It's not easier to find a ideal concept for black pieces, it's more like, better that each person choose the best way to wear these pieces, but taking in account the advice of gradation, your looks will be awesome.

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