The Art of Shoe Care

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I don't know if you have grown up seeing it but when I was a kid I walked for the streets of my country together to my parents and I saw to men in his informal jobs polishing shoes with a admirable dedication. It was great to see how the people shoes come to life, they arrived pale and without life and after they look as if it was the first time that this person wore their shoes. And this dedication gentlemen, because each one of them is strive to make of their profession (because it is) the best. And for that I think that the shoe care is an art, an art that we should to practice, for love to our shoes and for respect to all these artisans that take their time to make a beautiful piece for our feet, for they we must to take time and dedicate it our respects, learning all what it have to do about the shoe care, but don't worry, here I am for give you advises and you know your working tools, so let's do it...

First of all we must to know about the working tools, you better take a time of the day, maybe in your free time or weekends to care of your shoes, as I said previously, a good pair of shoes talk about the person, how it is, who it could be or to where it goes, it seems like a lie, but without going in a psychology topic or an evaluation of the person, you can know of at one time with just look its shoes, although just vaguely, don't take it so literal. It's good to have a own space to dedicate you to polish or arrange your shoes, because the materials that you will use for this job it tends to stain. In next posts, I will talk a little about sneaker care so this will be more about shoe care. There are many ways to polish and clean your shoes and this will vary depending  of the type of shoe that you have, so I'll give you just a glimpse of the tools and basic advises and if you want, you can leave me a comment for that delve in the topic in other posts about the shoe care.


There are more of a group of working tools that we count to clean properly our shoes but these five that I will mention are the basics that I should have:



This box is a great resource for the cleaning of the shoes, because first, serves you to place your shoe in the moment o polish and also to save your shoe cleaning implements, there are various models that works very well, there is one similar to a box of tools also is ideal for it. You can get one similar here.


These are the friends of your shoe care, you can found them together in a large number of kits of shoe care, but also you could assemble them to your taste and while you go getting he different implements like, waxes, sprays and others. The essentials, for the more common shoes, of a neutral leather are the shoe polish, or wax of two tones: chocolate and the other black or at least to have one of a neutral tone that it can works for both, the shoehorn because is not there nothing worst in the world and that it could produce more pains to an artisan that remove or put your shoes wrinkling the heel part, never do it that, better use the shoehorn that is to the left of the illustration after of brushes. The two small brushes are one for each shoe polish and the big one for polish the shoe, also is good to know that, you should have two big brushes for the reason that some it could have part of the color of the shoe polish that you are using yet. The shoe cloth that it could have two functions, the first one is to remove all the dust of the shoe and the excess of shoe polish or wax and the second one is to give shine. You can get in Mr. Porter, shoesupplies or in hangerproject.


Sometimes we usually be a mess an you don't want to damage the wood floor of of your room or the new rug of  your living room or whatever you are is better to be careful and place a sheet of newspaper below of where we are polished our shoes for safety. Also is very convenient that we use some old sweater to avoid get dirty with shoe polish.


My first approach to one of these shoe trees was when I saw a old pair that I had my grandpa in his room. It's necessary almost an obligation to have a pair for each one of your shoes for many reasons: One of them is deodorize our shoes, these shoe trees are made in various types of woods and the odor that they produce help to eliminate odors when we use the shoes without socks or for a prolonged time. Also help to keep the shape of the shoe because the leather tends to lose its shape with the passage of time and with these shoe trees is easier that your shoes look like if you recently bought. You can get in or in


We need that our shoes after of clean, they keep of these shape all the time, for that we must to take care of how save them properly and one of the options for that is save your shoes together to its shoe trees in transparent boxes that possess ventilation holes for that the humidity doesn't damage them, in this type of boxes you could to know which is which and keep them protected of the dust, is convenient that from time to time you take out the shoes of the box and leave them a while outside for that they keep dry and a great recommendation is use a dehumidifier to eliminate the humidity of your closet, so all will remain of an impeccable way. (For the people that live in my country you can get these boxes in PIEX Store and if you live in other country you can get here)

Also you could have a great option if you don't have much space, the brand TURMS has an shoe keeper, very beautiful for that you can place 10 shoe pairs.

Basic Advises to clean your shoes:

  • Clean with a wet cloth all the shoe to remove all the dust that may have. Pay attention in the joints of the upper and the edges of the sole, clean well and let dry.

  • When you apply the shoe polish, remove the laces to polish them better and inset the shoe tree to give them the shape and that be easier.

  • Let dry for a while a room temperature for that penetrate the product in your shoes.

  • Give shine with care and dedication with the big brush and finish with a dry cloth to give them more bright.

  • Always take in account that before and after to wear your shoes, you must clean and polish them for that the life of your shoes be longer and for that you look always great.

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