Style Inspirations 03: Blue Winter!

5:31:00 PM

The blue is one of my favorite colors, the first of them is the red (this is the leader) and the the vibrant orange, but if you have noted the blue is for all the blog and is that this tone brings with it a good vibe, is a color full of vitality, because we see in the composition of the sky or the sea water, brings us peace and gives us a happy note to our day. As I said Fall have not that be the time of the year where you have to wear with gray, black or black but give it its color touch. This time I've an outfit for you using like main piece the sweatshirt. In this post I suggested about some sweatshirts that you can take in account to build your outfit of fall and now I'll teach how to combine this garment with other playing with shading or combination of tones, so let's do it!

This time I'll use a sweatshirt of graphical style, the tones are blue, gray and black  and is of this garment where we will draw the colors to make all the outfit. First I've to mention this fabulous sweatshirt of dflcprintsclothing in a more reasonable price, is great for this weather because is polyester, the style is graphical geometric something psychedelic but with a great visual effect. We accompany with a double breasted coat of Vince Camuto with a light navy air in black tone and of wool-polyester material, I chose this coat for the structured effect that provides, that help to balance all the look, in addition of that it will keep you cozy all the time. You can wear inside of a sweatshirt a white shirt for the layer that you need for more warm and keeping at the same tine the structure of the outfit. Also you can obviate the shirt and the coat and wearing alone or with a light blazer if you are in a tropical climate and still you want to keep the style that I suggest. We leave to a side the jeans and we'll be a little formal, so we use a Chino trouser that it is between the formal and informal depending of how you use it. This chino of Polo Ralph Lauren in a  light navy tone is ideal to contrast with the sweatshirt, in the same line we follow keeping the shape with a trouser of a slim cut because we're using volumes and we need tune up the look visually. Remember when you wear things something wide in top, you should wear smaller below and vice versa because if we wear two wide garments could look huge or the same thinner. One of the favorite trends of almost all the runway seasons are the sporty sneakers in contrast with casual or formal clothing, so I chose these New Balance in a gray tone that look great in all the outfit, the sneakers give an effect very cool in the look maybe for its relaxed style and avant-garde. A note of style always it will have a hat and what's better that Fedora, we must keep covered all the time and this option of Stetson combines with all the look and keep you warm, what's better than that.

I couldn't finish without the accessories so, this Wayfarer sunglasses of Tod's are beautiful and combine very well with the look and last but not least a tote bag of Haerfest with reversal belts and details of colors in the edges that just you can see if open the lateral zippers. This look is very vibrant and pleasant in sight, great to excel in the winter that is coming.

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