Public School Pre-Fall 2016

7:12:00 PM

Public School is one of the favorite brands between the fashion lovers, they are mentioned by Vogue as one of the brands to follow and their creators: Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow now are the Creative Directors of DKNY.

Their style is about clean cuts, minimalist and of a kind of urban tailoring with sporty influences, that makes of Public School an adaptable and timeless brand.

For Pre-Fall the brand presented for first time in Dubai, the city located in Arab Emirates where the skyscrapers are highest that it could touch the sky and the style and sophistication of this city is left between said, with just see the environment.

The inspiration for this collection was a crossing between nature and technology. with loose pieces with a certain air to Japanese Kimonos and also the combination of blue tones resemble to the art of Shibori for this beautiful combination of blue that they have a great visual impact. shapes that also had a air to tunics or the kind of clothing that wear people to walk in desert. The coats are wide and also the trousers, some pieces with dark gradation above prints in orange tone. There is a  piece that I loved and this game between knit and mesh that, although be a female piece I would wear with a white shirt or black because look unisex and is edgy a style that I like so much. It's a collection with good pieces, I prefer the jackets and shirt with this air of 90's because I'm not fan to wear things so wide for my physiognomy, but the true is that the collection has a great visual aspect that will be great for pre-fall.

Photos: Vogue Runway.

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