Mr. Porter Holiday Campaign find your perfect gift

12:58:00 PM

Mr. Porter is one of the favorite online menswear fashion shopping stores of a bunch of men that love the elegance and the style, because if something you can wait of this site is its obsession for the curatorship of the garment that they sell, the aesthetic that they show and the special sensation that just you can found in a site like this.

It doesn't have nothing to envy to its older sister Net-a-porter that is one of the sites of womenswear  luxury fashion online shopping sites more cited and with prestige, but what could go if we put both? a campaign that radiates luxury, elegance and very good taste. The campaign goes perfect with a shopping guide for both sites, where you will be able to found suggestions of the products that this company offers for all their clients, accompanied of a well care packaging until the end. This is the Holiday gift guide of Mr. Porter, so you can go to them and found the best for you or go to the Net-a-porter site if you are going to gift something to someone special for you, but clearly your presents will be great this year.

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