Lacoste L!ve x Jonone Capsule Collection

1:16:00 PM

Always I've been fan of the art, all my life I've passionate for drawing and for all the branches that complement it.

There are branches in the art that aren't so appreciated, but are part of the expression form of people and one of them is Graffiti. The graffiti is an art of great artistic expression, because with a simple wall and a pair of sprays are created amazing things that could be in the same level of any artistic creation. This is why Lacoste brings a very special collaboration with an artist that is a living legend, the New Yorker artist base in Paris, Jonone.

Jonone grow up in the time where the graffiti was accused of be part of the vandalism, is there where begins all his artistic period, in the streets, as many other amazing people of the graffiti art. Nowadays his artworks are showing in the most prestigious museums around the world. Also he has collaborated with the French National Assembly, country where he has living a good part of his life and recently he was honored with the French Honor Legion Medal.

His artwork has an abstract influence, influenced for the color and movement, calling to his art as "Abstract-Impressionist Graffiti". 

The Capsule collection Fall 2015 of Jonone for Lacoste L!ve has a urban vibe, vibrant and elegant that it does match with the iconic crocodile of the brand. The variety of pieces goes from the polo, sweaters and sweatshirts, is a great collection with a great artistic attractive.

You can get this amazing collection in all the stores of Lacoste and also in its website:

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