How to dress with James Bond's style

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James Bond is one of the dearest franchises for the public, with more of 50 years, where great actors like: Barry Nelson, David Niven, Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig personified to iconic English Agent.

As everybody knows, James Bond is characterized for his extreme elegance to dress, the major part with suits with a high level of Tailoring and at the same time he has casual moments when he has to assume mission where he needs to be infiltrated. All with a good taste and a level of elegance and luxury that make of this man the most seductive of all.

For that I wanted to focus, because everything has been said about this iconic character, in the side that interest us and how to take advantage. The idea is that we approach to the elegance of the Bond's style, taking ideas for that we look so seductive as the English Agent. So take a look...

The ideas that I propose for emulate to James Bond could vary a little of the style of the own character, to give it a certain hue to the style, being as a very formal man, and I'm the kind of person who thinks that you can be a perfect gentleman without wear all the time a suit (and this doesn't mean that don't like me, just the opposite) so to please to all tastes, I have taking stylism ideas to casual pieces and to thereby be to his style.


Let's us begin with the fundamental piece of James Bond, the suit, but not any suit, as a good English gentleman, the suit respect the rules of Savile Row, so before of you wear it, you should to take in account, some things if you want to look as him:

  • Dark tones like black or dark navy blue are recurrent tones within the tones that James Bond often used.

  • A perfect fit is essential, for the suit shape like a glove in the body and we look elegant.

  • You must to have in account the perfect shirt for the suit, preferably of double buttoning and with a formal collar, in addition is essential also to use cufflinks.

  • The type of suits that is the most characteristic on him is the single suit.

Some options:

In My Habit I have found 3 interesting options:

Z Zegna Solid Notch Lapel Suit


BURBERRY Modern Fit Notch Lapel Suit

Price: $725

Armani Collezioni Drop 8 Suit

Price: $669


For this type of shirts, I recommend you that visit the post that I did about it and learn who is the best, if you want to see it here.


The ties are an essential accessory in suits, you can found it in finest versions in silk and in textures and varied colors. To emulate the Bond's look is recommendable use ties in darker tones because Bond is not a person that loves the color. The ties also represent the statement piece of your look, so for darker that you tie could be , you can create a visual game with the texture of the fabric that could have some hidden design.


As I said before, the shoes more than other type of clothing is the most essential part of your outfit, if you wear the wrong shoes all what you are wearing will look incomplete.To know more about shoes, I recommend you that visit my post about it here. But  I have three basic recommendations of right shoes to give you the Bond's look. One of them are recommendable for alternate it in the casual look and the other one are great to wear with suits, so these are in order of appearance: Formal: Brogue/Oxford shoes. Casual: Monk/Oxford/boots shoes. Very formal events: Slippers Shoes.

These options I found it in the Online store Mr. Porter:

Price: $545

J.CREW Ludlow Cap-Toe Oxford Shoes
Price: $320

CHURCH'S Tokyo Leather Monk-Strap Shoes
Price: $545

GEORGE CLEVERLEY William Leather Ankle Boots
Price: $795

JOHN LOBB Odessa Patent-Leather Slippers

Price: $1,040

For casual options, I have opted to choose single and minimalist pieces, all in darker colors, that could be, black, grey or brown.

The option that I show here could vary, according to time in that you are, for that you have just an idea and adapt this pieces to your style.

Helmut Lang Single Breasted Coat

Price: $1012

Carven Zipped Bomber Jacket


Neil  Barret Coated Chunky Knit Sweater

Price: $303.64

7 for All Mankind Straight cut jeans

Price: $198

Henderson Baracco laced ankled boots

Price: $452

There are not excuses to dress to the style of the most famous spy of all times and is a challenge because the character doesn't wear with much color, but despite of that, it allows to play with darker tonalities to take the best advantage possible.

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