Grooming: Man Bun hairstyle

5:45:00 PM

The male hairstyle has diversified very much over time, the men are more free as regard to express themselves with their hair to comparison of some years where a very polished style was the strict rule.

Now, we can use an endless of haircuts and styles depending of your hair to look to our taste, among them one that is being very common between men: the man bun, so let's look a little about this style and the care that need to keep of it.

Never I have been a person with long hair because never I've experimented with it but I like so much the way how look in man people. The Man bun reached its popularity in 2013, is an style that its main factor is to have the long hair. The style is simple that could be divided between a full bun or a half bun, this will depend of the long of your hair. The minimum required to make the bun is 6 inches and the recommended is to have 8 inches for you can make a full bun.

Among the most common styles of man bun are:

  • The Full bun: Long in all sides and pulled back into a larger bun.

  • Low man bun: It's appeared to full bun but lower to the sides.

  • The top knot: It's smaller in comparison with the other ones and it can to have the sides clipped or shaved.

  • The pineapple style: A style smaller to the top of the hair

  • The undercut style: A style where the sides could be more shaved and possess a  type of top knot or bun even smaller.

It can say that is not a new style nor a just a trend neither, despite of that people like David Beckham, Zayn Malik, Jared Leto, Harry Styles among others have been official faces of this style. It's a style that since ancient times have been used: The Samurai warriors, that used to have a long hair tied their hair of this way, the Sumo fighters also utilize the same bun style and they have all a ritual for it, the Vikings and until the Roman Imperial Soldiers used buns. But should be mentioned to the Hipster culture to give it popularity together with thick beards creating a very attractive and particular look.

In this type of style, the way to carry it out is very simple and is this simplicity what makes characteristic, you must to take a portion of your hair, bend it to make a knot, place it a hair band giving a few turns and done.

The hair care is the same as you care your hair, but taking in account of that you should keep it strong, the expert recommend wash your hair with shampoo 2 or 3 times for week, because the continuous washing weakens the hair strand. You must use a good conditioner to keep soft and hydrated your hair. To stylized your hair is recommendable to use styling cream and set aside the creams, waxes, pomades that could to do heavy your hair.

The success of this style will depend of the car that you give to it, but is very recommendable if you want to experiment and give it a new aspect to your look.

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