GQ Spain December 2015 Editorial: Sinatra

6:09:00 PM

I'm a big love of the music of 40's and 50's, because it had a certain freshness, people dreamed more and it sang about love of a more magical, special and romantic way, the musical genres began to born and bands to make their debut, but also solo singers that left an indelible footprint in the music history and mankind, one of these great legends was: Frank Sinatra...

Frank Sinatra was one of the most influential artist in music not just in the time that played his musical career but to this day, the music and his same presence still having much relevance. He was a jazz and traditional pop singer, actor and producer. He is of these people that drew well his steps to endure forever and is for this reason that GQ Spain dedicates a fabulous editorial, with motive of the celebration of the birthday number 100 of him, with a quite right and elegant style.

I liked to see to the model Benjamin Eidem personified to Sinatra, with a resemblance pretty remarkable that gives life to the editorial. The photography was in charge of Sergi Pons with a very closely style of the kind of photos of that time that helps to convey that feeling to be seeing a day in Sinatra's life and stylized by Joana de la Fuente, that chosen elegant pieces, well combined and visually attractive.

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