Editor's Letter 02: Happy Panama's month!

3:38:00 AM

The second last month of the year has coming and with it something that I'm proud to mention, even if I'm not the most patriotic man in the world, my beautiful country, Panama is celebrating. A country that is small but with a huge heart that it has cost linked in the mind of the people, but that little by little they go recognizing who big is this country.

A country where one of the biggest achievements is the Panama Canal, but we are more than that, we have passion for many things, of this passions, have born great athletes, designers, architects, artists and so on. We are the bridge that connects an ocean with other. Our people is warm, pleasant, beautiful, our personality and presence stick out in any place where we are (if you listen the euphoria of a Panamanian and its effusiveness, we always will know that there is one) We have one of the dresses most beautiful of the world, our gastronomy is wide and varied, merging the roots of Indigenous group with the countryside, just as the crucible of races that shares to us their seasoning. The weather of our country is unpredictable but rich and tropical, as well as the music, the rhythm of the "Tipico" (the regional music of our country) the "tamborito", the carnival, anyway, if you are of other country, I invite you to come to my country. This month we celebrate many important events like: the Flag's day, the Panama's independence from Spain and Colombia, the cry of Independence, among others. I wanted to mention it because always is important to know more about your environment and about what makes you be who one is and what's more than this space to you know more about me and the place where I come from. And for who it will wonder about the photo that head the post, the shirt is the traditional shirt hand embroidered of one of the province of Panama called Ocu. The handwork who has this male shirt is so wonderful, is wide and with vibrant colors. The hat is a basic traditional Panamanian hat, that it's more like used in the daily work or as complement of the Panamanian that comes of some province and demonstrates its provenance with it. Also there is a special hat that is for a Gala moments, this is a very fine hat, both handmade. For my Panamanian friends, enjoy this month and honor to your country and for my friends of the other point of the world, I invite you again to know more about my country.

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