Diary: Movember month of prevention

6:54:00 AM

I love beards and I like how look in men too, I am of the preference of big beards but polished but everyone is free to express with it of the best way. Sadly to the age that I have it had not grow my beard, my genetic doesn't allow, in my genes there is Chinese roots and how you know the Chinese men are characterized for have a little bit or nothing of beard. To me only grows slightly in the mustache and in the chin, but nothing more, I've never had to shave deeply and maybe this be an advantage in the topic of look younger of what really I am. When I was a kid and the major part of my adolescence, I grew up hating the beard, I believed something uncomfortable and that helped you see older, but now that I'm an adult, I understood that that just help to improve your image if you care perfectly of it and gives to the men an aspect of virility. I don't think that a man be more man having a beard but is a great resource in the male aspect. Now I ask: how do I look like? would I look good? or maybe like a homeless? I'll never know, but the point is that this month is celebrating globally an event called Movember (a wordplay between MO: of moustache and the rest of November) and is a month where is raise awareness of the problems that have to do with male health. With this motive in mind, the men let their beards grow all the month in solidarity. Problems like prostate cancer, depression or other male cancers.

The purpose is give courage to other men of go to medical checkups annually to prevent these diseases that many of the time become notorious for the afraid to the classical taboo of the man with respect to their virility or manliness, but many men go through these diseases having been able to prevent them to time. All in just measure are dangerous and treat them to time is fundamental for not pass higher. This month also is made for that the man learn to care himself and be conscious in live a healthier life that help him to that all these problems never appear.

There is a website dedicated to this (Movember.com) where they do charity events and prevention with the finality of help a many men to change this stigma with respect to the medical checkups. Also they have created an event call The Moscars where people share videos of their moustaches or related videos where they receive prizes for it. Although the prevention should be all the year, is good that to take the time to make aware to the people about the problems that the man could suffer and how they can be prevented. Help them to be detected to time and it can live a full life, so you don't lost more time and if is the moment to realize your prevention checkups, don't doubt twice because your life is more important.

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