Dairy: Age vs Fashion

8:42:00 AM

It's interesting as the conversations with friends leave you with some questions that are good rethink it and discuss it if is the case, and as this is the corner of the blog where I talk with you about some things about me and what happens around. In these conversations there was a moment where is talked the topic of that someone known, didn't wear dark colors for think that this colors were of old people, also that certain type of clothing didn't wear for not look older, but in change this person sinned of look younger and informal for the place where this person was going.

This was on my mind for a while, until that obviously I brought it here, actually the age has to do with the way how we wear? Are some colors or clothing responsible of see us older than the age that really we have?

The answer has a yes and no and I explain: When we go growing up, the way to wear changes, where wear of the way that our parents wanted (with those infamous outfits that only they could put together) then wear any thing that we watching in TV, through the adolescence and all these phases where is define our tastes and personalities, for then go to be a young adult and then officially an adult. The problem is when you get caught in a genre without modify it to the passage of time. Because a thing is be young and that all what we wear are adapt to adult and it want to pretend that the time hasn't passed over us.

The point is that there are not need to change what we like because are we've grown, actually, anybody should lose their identity and what passionate us, but modifying the clothing to actual times, for example if before you dressed completely like a rocker or a gamer or comic fan, in your adult phase you could modify it, wearing a leather jacket with the rock band t-shirt (because graphic t-shirts are trendy yet) slim fit jeans and boots and you will look great or a structured jacket with a sweatshirt or t-shirt of some game or comic character and this it will modify the way how look in you. Now the colors, depending how we use it, we could look older or younger.

It will depend of the balance in which we use these colors to our favor, for example if we use dark colors, we should soften it a little bit with lighter colors and if you use pastel tones we could balance it with dark colors to create a visual harmony, as well as the illustration. To look younger, we don't need to wear like an adolescent but play with pieces to create a balance, the same goes if you like the color, because despite of that we should wear as feel us, it must respect the principle of the age that you have, remember is not leave behind who you are for the age but adapt it to you actual moment and always you'll look properly and great!

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