Wardrobe Basics: Shoes and their variations

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The last time I talked about white sneakers and the important that is to have a good pair of them in your closet. Now I want to dedicate a time to other essential friend of the male wardrobe: The shoes. There is a whole world when is refers to male shoes, its shape and style excel to the sight and as I once read in a magazine that I don't remember the name, a gentleman that had dedicated many time to wear to the people with perfect suits said: "You can know about the person and where he goes with only just see his shoes" You can to have the most beautiful outfit or combine perfectly a suit or a jeans with a blazer but if the shoes aren't the right nothing will look good. And is that, a quality shoe always gives a good impression of its owner, talk perfectly of its maker and the hours that he took choose the leather, give shape, sewing to hand (or with help to a machine) found the perfect patina and the perfect polished. Isn't there a factory to see it (although it would be fabulous to see live the process) you can see an infinity of videos about the process which takes to make a pair of luxury shoes, is something that you shouldn't to let through, I assure you.

For this reason I wanted to show you three of variations of male shoes more used, because is important to know about them and thus know how and when you should wear it, and occasionally change the shape according your style, but in the moment that you need always you will succeed, so check it out!...

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Let's go on, I want to know three male shoe variants with recommendations direct of this page for you have options and decide you to have a pair of each one, because is excellent to have the variety behind your closet, so let us begin:


The Brogue is a shoe style originated of Ireland, characterized to have a low-heel, a sturdy leather vamp with decorative perforations (or "broguing") and serrated parts in visible edges. These shoes have its source in rudimentary shoes used in Ireland that was constructed with untanned hide and perforations that allow that water drain when crossing wet terrain as for example a swamp. Contrary to what now they are, these shoes are considered a country shoe and nothing  appropriate for wear casual or for business. This type of shoes is commonly found with four types of toe caps (Wingtip, semi-quarter and long wing) and deriving four closer styles (Oxford, Derby, Ghillie and Monk) And nowadays is seen in other shoe styles derived of the Brogues: Dress shoes, sneakers and high heels in women)

Variation 1: Oxford shoes

The most characteristic of a Oxford shoe is the shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, that it has as term: "closed lacing". This differentiates of Derby shoes that has the shoelace eyelets attached to the top of the vamp. The Oxford shoes originally were a plain formal shoes made with leather but that could wear for formal moments and casual clothing. Its original colors are black or brown, but also you can found it in different type of materials like patent leather, calf leather, suede or canvas. You found it plain or decorated (Brogue type).

This option of the brand Mezlan is appropriated for when you need a type of Oxford shoe more formal to wear with suits. In fact, this is the right shoe for office suits, for you don't make the mistake to wear driver shoes or loafers...Please DON'T.

In a more informal setting these shoes  give a fine and elegant look, with Chino trousers or jeans. This option is  in two colors black or brown.

This option is of the brand Jose Real Amsterdam is a combination of what is the Brogue style together with the Oxford style and wingtip. What I refer with to the latter, simply is the form that these shoes have in the toe cap and if you can notice, it has the shape of a wing or a W that is its characteristic note. It's ideal to wear with office suits and also you can give its informal twist.

Variation 2: Derby shoes

The Derby shoes also called "Gibson" is characterized by a more formal style where the shoelace eyelet tabs are sewn on the top of the vamp. In comparison with the Oxford shoes, this are known like "Open lacing". There is certain difference of the type of English Derby shoe to the American type that it can mentioned like Blucher, although it differs because technically the design isn't the same because the shoelace eyelet tabs are sewn in the vamp in a only piece. The Derby became in a popular sport in middle of 1850, wearing hunting boots and in the middle of 20th century, these shoes became in an appropriated style to wear in the city.

This option of John Varvatos is a more casual style of the own Derby style, the tone is a oxide grey that contributes a rustic style very particular , great to wear with jeans and leather jackets or structured blazers, these type of shoes usually are comfortable and its shape has an air of boots that makes well easy to use.


This option of Surface to Air is much more informal that the first one, because the style is more modern than the usual, but I like the contrast for edgy looks or when you only just want that a piece of your outfit be the protagonist. I like the Carbon tone of this shoe and the thick sole, simply great.

Variation 3: Monk Shoes

This type of shoe is my favorite for the topic that previously I talked that I'm not so fan of tied my laces, so the facility of these shoes is great. The shoes of Monk style are no lacing shoes, closed by a buckle and a strap, although this can vary in some models that possess two straps. Also are know like: Monk Strap and it has been described as one of the most advanced shoes to dress. They are between the shoes more or less formal, is less formal than a Oxford shoe but more than a Derby shoe. Frequently its toe cap have a Brogue style and its popular material is the suede.

This is an option of Bruno Magli in a tone more sober that it could be used as well formal as informal moments, his type of shoe is very versatile, so that is ideal for any moment. The detail of toe cap is beautiful and although I'm not fan of black shoes (more of this color in boots preferably) is a great option that I would have in account.

And for last but no least this option of Donald J Pliner in a material appeared to canvas, with straps and sole of leather, a fabulous combination, with a rustic and informal style. This is the option in a light tone for these moments when you want to mix earthy tones easily.

Definitely is important to have each one of them in your closet, because with them you never will fail. But, always try to get a good pair like these, with a good material for that excel and keep with you a good time.

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