Wardrobe Basics: Pure white sneakers

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I have an obsession with the white sneakers, each time that I see a streetstyle picture either feminine or masculine they are there, present like key piece of a powerful look. I'm not a minimalist person but I love the concept of minimalism, pure and clean and of the important that is to have a piece that balances the other pieces of your outfit.

To wear white sneakers is not nothing new, is something very present in years when brands like Nike or Adidas ruled between the lovers of an urban look. The Hip-hop style were very present and on it, the cult to the sneakers between them the white ones. From a time to now, the white sneakers have invaded each fashion season like the key piece of a polish and relaxed look, of  the most minimalist form to expression when is mixed with pieces like jackets or coats, jerseys of bold colors or straight cut trousers. But the interesting of the white sneakers is that they are not subject to none of them but in the way like you want to wear it, making of this way on your style tool. Within the basic pieces  this is one that should to be on your wardrobe, so that a begin to these series of posts about basic pieces, I show you 6 styles of white sneakers that you could to incorporate to you wardrobe.

Begin with three options that I found in the menswear online shopping site Mr. Porter:

Already we know the history that this brand has  between the public,  with hits like the Air Jordan, the sneaker designed by the ex basketball player Michael Jordan at 1980, and the equally famous Air Max. These sneakers in special are a minimalist version of them, but with broad strokes between them is the height that they have that is perfect for (a person of medium stature like me, I must to admit) that the hem of the trouser look great on the ankles (if you want to fold) and excel for itself, with the camel tone below of the sole and being interesting for the looks where the trousers are more close to leg.

I know this brand a year ago and I think that also the brand is something recent in the market, but is a great alternative quality-price, the brand is originally to Brooklyn, New York, its beautiful appearance and its detailed finishing makes it a great alternative to take in consideration. I love so much the High-Tops, its shape is perfect for a more urban look or more eclectic if you will. It's great to wear it with leather or denim jackets and also with sweatshirt for a look to win!

Nothing could fail with a pair of Converse, with respect of the other sneaker brands, this brand is a classic an icon in all the wardrobe on the world. What makes it great, is its versatility and ease to use, combine with everything and is the first what you want to wear is you look something that is nice and comfortable at the same time. If you are a risky person, you could wear it with a blazer or a suit. This model is everything you look if you want for example, wear a short trouser. It haven't a logo in the tongue, the toe caps have a smile that is the signature of this model and is more light than the others one. So if you have one in your wardrobe, is a point in your favor.

And these other three options more that I found in the online fashion shopping store Farfetch:

I like the details , one thing could be the more simple that you want, but with a little extra detail you can take it further, is what I love of this sneaker with a Velcro band in the back which makes it unique and beautiful. It's great to wear with slim fit jeans and single jackets to giving prominence to the sneakers

From of every the options that already I have shown, this is aesthetically more formal, you could wear it for more formal looks, its lack of a logo is great to wear with black trousers (the logo is in the back of the sneaker) The sneakers of low-top style have this attribute of  look like a shoe, its comfort and versatility makes it special for them and these are a great option.

And for last, this sneaker remember me to my school time, in my country is used the uniform in all the schools so it's a matter of fact that formal shoes must be wore, but in my early days I hate shoes with lace (something that I still hate yet but already over it...in part) so always I asked that my parents bought me shoes with Velcro...truly saves you all a lifetime when you want to put off and comfortable that is not feel the pressure that exert the laces is encouraging. For that I like this version of white sneaker, first they are the sufficiently formal to wear in a place where you need to go elegant but without to be too dressed, its cute shape and minimal style makes it cool for any occasion.

These are just some options that you could have with this wardrobe basic, the decision is yours for which of these sneakers are better adapt to your style.

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