Style Inspirations 02: Halloween Time!

4:11:00 AM

I'm not fan of horror movies, I remember that when I was a child I was fleeing of all them even trimmings of old newspapers that my grandma had saved in her bookshelf. To the date I never seen any of them, but I know them, I grew up with them, although I don't seen it and they are part of the essence that represents the Halloween, all the mystery and weird. I never went to ask for candies, nor dress up of a creepy monster neither (just I dressed of Cowboy for the birthday party of my cousins, with all the implements even the mustache...thing that I haven't yet but it was part of the costume!) but in my country is so common that people each year wait for it likewise, to have a good time a while and enjoy to be characterizing to a personage without someone thinks that you are weird (thing that really don't care but you know some people just to annoy) So...I wanted to inspire me in an cult icon of old horror movies: Freddy Kruger. I remember how he looked and the fear that I had to him, but really it is between of movies that I think never I'll see. Anyway, if you won't to go literally dress up, you could wear this most current option, taking inspirations of him, for that of the most stylish way yet, you could keep the feeling of the occasion!.

The key for it works a style inspired in a character, is not to do the outfit so literal, but take details of the character for that the reference is there. We're not making a costume but a stylish version to go to Halloween to your way. I begin with a fantastic sweatshirt of Paul Smith Jeans, I decided don't use the classic version of the Freddy's sweater and in change I chose for the same sense with similar colors and the stripes placed otherwise, the effect is there but in a more fresh and modern way. I chose also these jeans of Tigers of Sweden that they are tapered in the legs and narrowed in the foot, with a particular worn style that makes it contrast with the colors of the sweatshirt.

I like these boots of Armani Jeans with an aged effect that gives this rustic touch to the outfit, It's cool take details that give this touch of the character and don't do that everything looks so polished. Now, the accessories are the essential part for this look, for that people can recognize of what inspired you. I'm fan of fedora hats and this fedora of Goorin Bros, made with wool felt in a grey tone is the icing of the cake, the original one is black but I wanted to give a latest touch and in concordance with the sweatshirt I chose this version (but if you want to use the black is great too). The aviator sunglasses of Tod's is a optional accessory that you can keep with you if you go during the day of evening, it never hurts complement your look with a great pair of sunglasses.

Other optional accessory but that it will give a closer touch to the character is this crawls knuckle ring of BJORG, that essentially is womenswear jewelry but its appearance is very unisex and you know that the crawls are part of this classic character. To finish, I chose this pouch bag of Alexander McQueen for its ripped detail below of the bag, the color contrasts with the jean and all is on details, always should have something that be your focal point and when everything is together is easier to hit. The point is daring to leave of the classic costume and inspire it in some character and enjoy the day with style!

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