Style Inspirations 01: Military style with a twist

4:29:00 PM

Hello there, today I want to show you a new section called Style Inspirations that is my way to show my stylism. It could be in a recompilation of items or me wearing them.

So, this time I have a inspiration about military style. I want to use certain pieces of the military vibe but not so literal, rather something more relax and uncomplicated. First I choose a message T-shirt, if you want to give a twist to your military outfit is of this way, it's fun and maybe you could to say something relevant with it. The gray color is a neutral tone for combine all the colors of the outfit so you could begin from there, you can wear this or using to example for assemble the pieces of your stylism.
For begin to give the military style to the outfit, this The Vintage Twin's camouflage jacket  with message on the back too, I think is very fresh and break a little bit the serious thing of the same military vibe. Something I love of this jacket is that is vintage, is reworked giving a new life cycle to the piece and also the back's message could be customize. I love this jean of Fabric Brand & Co. because of its rugosity and worn style is perfect here, this jean has a perfect tone, is 100% cotton, and it was made on Japan, so is very cool. I recommend the slim fit cut because is more stylized and perfect to wear with boots. Speaking of them, always I loved boots is a cool aspect on your outfit.

Other things that is my favorite is the rustic vibe on certain pieces as on these Replay's boots is ideal for the military vibe. The accessories are the perfect pieces to finish your look so I choose one of my favorite style of bags: The messenger bag, I like because is fast to use, comfortable and I can carry many things on it. This UGG's messenger bag is so cool for its rustic vibe and the many pockets on it. A minimal watch is great added for no saturate or to be so literal with the stylism, so this VOID V03D Date Watch is great because to its single black strip belt and sophisticated but minimal style. And last but not least a Dsquared's men aviator sunglasses for the final touch but also is a twist because is not the classic aviator style.

So these were my options for you for a military look but a modern and different style. If you don't found some of these suggestions, you can take it of example and using to your way.

Hope you like it.

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