Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2016: retro-graphical

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Asia always has marked an own style in terms of fashion design is concerned, a style where predominates deconstruction, minimalism, the clean cuts, monochrome tones, volumes and experimentation. Japan above all others has predominated in this field bringing great fashion icons like: Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, Issey Miyake,  Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo Takada among others but also excel other places of Asia and between what we could mention is South Korea.

South Korea, is a country with a big culture, an a fascinating gastronomy, an a huge musical industry, where now more than never the Korean Pop (K-pop) leads the taste of the people globally. They are what bring not just their music but a visual impact that not just is an aesthetic but an own style, a joint effort with stylist  where they make you wonder: Who are the designers of this amazing stuff?, What is the brand? because the Korean fashion has a huge force more than never, is a style that combines an elegant and sophisticated air, with very sartorial silhouettes, defined shapes, together with a modern style, avant-garde and full of details, for that I will prepare to you a little review of 5 Korean fashion designers and their Spring collections shown in the Seoul Fashion Week, and for that if you don't know about these brands, you have them in check it out...

pushBUTTON is a brand with an experimental and fun sense, with a great mix of tones, prints, textiles and silhouettes, together with a social critique, combining with a androgynous sense in each one of their collections. His designer is Park Seun Gun and his brand is from 203, in the 2008 is expands to Europe with his sister brand with affordable prices, DRESSMONSTER. In 2010, he was recognized like one of the leaders of Korean fashion industry. Between people who love his artistic and conceptual sense are the Korean artists like: Beenzino, F(x), Taemin and CNBLUE. For this collection there is a retro and practical style, playing with volumes in shirts and trousers of a kind of high pleated waist, at the same than shorts with the same style.

The concept behind the brand Jarret is focused in a tailoring style, an equity between the masculine and feminine, a boundary-less style without frontiers of gender or seasons. It has a modern and avant garde touch that her designer Ji Yun Lee presents in each collection. Something that you can see clearly in the silhouette of each of the designs that she showed this season is a polished style, with straight cuts and use of the graphics in an excellent proportion.


 Kimseoryoung, the eponymous brand of the designer Kim Seo Ryoung is established from 1996 and is well known for his finest masculine tailored suits and for his occasional excess of the rock star touch in his pieces. His style is very elegant and polished, with straight lines and clean cuts. This collection has a very particular style, its silhouette is ver y of the type of  man of 40's. Its colors are sober and the textures  provide a great visual support that gives to the collection a fresh and modern sensation despite of its retro style.


Andy & Debb is a brand with a high aesthetic sense, the brand made by Debbie Yoon and her husband Andy Seokwon Kim has like principal base the hig quality of the fabrics and a very sartorial style, both in their feminine line as in the masculine. This collection gave me reminiscences to an Art Deco inspiration transferred in their prints in a subtle and elegant way. The cut of the pieces is great and the color chart, that it was a combination between soft and dark tones, that helped to create a retro-modern atmosphere very well made.

Heich es Heich is a young brand, created two years ago by San Hyuk Han, his proposal is fresh, a mix between an classic style, silhouette of traditional cutting but that plays so much with details, colors, shapes and textiles. His style also talks about break the barriers of gender playing with shapes and innovative ideas. This collection played very much with horizontal lines, with combination of textiles and prints like basketball and Star Wars present in this collection.

The Korean fashion have a particular style where predominates the volumes, the creativity is an essential part of its style making a fresh and special style, no doubt, they are brands to take into account.

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