Music Vibes: Hello Adele's new single

1:47:00 PM

In the musical vibes of this week, I bring to you something lightly different and is a big news for the Adele's fans (myself included) After of a prolonged absence, the English singer, Grammy winner and also winner of  an Academy's Oscar for the best theme is back with a new disc: ADELE 25 (I don't know if this will be traditional of her because already is very often) that will be released at November, 20.

Like all we know, Adele gave a break to her career after to give birth to her first son and also for certain problems in her vocal cords that affecting to her performance and she was resting a while, however the singer din't let pass the time and she began to elaborate what it will be her 3 disc in her musical history. According to Rolling Stones Magazine this new disc was predicted to early 2014, but due of that the Disc 21 still was very fresh in the market, they were decided to delay it at the end of year, although as we know the story is other.

The first promotional of this new album is Hello and it was write for herself and produced by Greg Kurstin who also was the producer of the awarded song: Skyfall of the movie with the same name of the most famous spy, James Bond.

The song is deep, direct and sincere, is a song that talks about break up and repentance for how ending the things. The Adele's voice accompanies the lyric perfectly, with a more raspy style and deep, maybe product od the operation of her vocal cords. The video was filmed at Montreal, Canada, with a retro style, of sepia tones, with a countryside atmosphere and a cottage with a feeling of being visited a long time (although I love the style that it has) and this is the first musical video filmed with the IMAX technology that is predominantly seen in cinemas.

This is a beautiful song and the right debut for the return of a great voice, many people will say that Adele has not reinvented with the years, but I feel that the time that Adele has in the music has allowed her build a own style and characteristic that don't need many changes to excel.  It will have to wait the other songs, but if they look so good as this new single, will be a great incorporation for this year.

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