Jackets Season!

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We're on the Fall-Winter season, the leaves fall, the snow comes and the weather is getting each time colder. In my country this is no the case because right now it's raining more than it has rained earlier this year. Here just we have two defined seasons: Dry or Wet. When the sun intensifies, the heat of the day is very insufferable (reason which is not very good use jackets, blazers or coats) and when the day says that it wants rain....it rains more than the Great flood.

And me being a fan to die of all related with jackets, blazers or coats...I have everything to lose.

But the true is who can't fall in love with an alluring jacket that combine with everything you wearing, creating color contrasts and giving a great look. But everything is not losing, if you are of these people that protest for the use of jackets on places with worst weather like the Sahara, I will make you think twice and for my friends who can use jackets because the seasons merits it, also have options for you, because we are on jacket's season!

The reality with jackets in tropical weather is very simple, many of the clothing that previously brought they were American or European type where the people on these countries, when the weather begins to change to the cold of the Winter, they were made with thicker fabrics like 100% wool and its derivatives, also they possessed lining that is part of the finished, but also help to warming effect of these garments. In warmer climates these coats, jackets or blazer have a lot of heat concentration, so they are impossible to wear in zones where the heat is the worst. Its only advantage is that they are great to wear indoors where there are a constant use of air conditioning. However, there are available on the market garments that can be wearing on hot climates. The technology has allowed to make fabrics lightest and fresh, Fabrics with the same derivation than the normal but thinner and comfortable to tropical climates. Materials like the leather in a thinner cut but equally resistant (or its vegan derivative) wool with combinations like cotton, or thinner compositions or knit fabrics with more open stitches that allowing to choose now a jacket be easier. It's noteworthy that most High fashion brands that are in countries with tropical climates. avoid to use of the lining for most of their jackets or blazers or if the structure need of them are lighter.


This option in Nordstrom, of bomber jacket, is the perfect example of versions to sunny climates, one of the star materials is cotton being a very fresh material and light. This is a more casual version, most of the bomber jackets comes in leather, so this is a great alternative for its versatility. It's a little bit fit to chest and the material is a combination of blue with a micro dot print.


This Uniqlo blazer is precisely what I mean to a no lining jacket, where just the lining  is located in specific parts for keep its structure, as the chest area where is the lapel and the buttons and also in the sleeves.

But the rest of the blazer lacks of this material. The fabric is a mix of polyester-cotton and some people will say: "...but if the polyester is a sin to be in a sunny day" There's not doubt, I usually hate the polyester, but when is mixing with cotton, the material changes completely doing more bearable to tropical climates. What I like of this blazer is that it's wrinkle-free and that is great to carry it in the suitcase if you go to an unexpected flight and there's no time to iron because it keeps its structure.


The linen is a blessed material for tropical climates, its weft is open, of light consistency and you don't feel  almost in the body. It's perfect to look elegant in any moment whatever the weather. I like this model that I found on Mr. Porter because its appearance is like a combination between casual jacket and shirt. It's ideal for an informal and uncomplicated look.


The options are more diverse for cold climates, this I could verify to investigate a little bit and the options that I will show you are excellent for this new season and that it makes me die to envy too:


This is other option to Mr. Porter but this time in jackets where the material or weather is not the problem. The same shirt style is repeated with this jacket with a gorgeous degrade in blue tonalities and 100% wool. Very elegant and warm at the same time. Its informal shape it's great for any type of outfit. I will recommend with a sweatshirt in a deep blue and a denim shirt if you need wear layers for extra warmth.


Other option in Nordstrom is this fabulous coat that navigates on both seas, because is 100% cotton allowing it to adapt to any weather easier. I love the shape, it has a silhouette that fits with help of the belt, the details of the buttons and a color easier to combine makes it a proposal to take in account, furthermore of that the price is very tempting in comparative to this type of coats .

Finally, I have a last option continuing with the coats. The camel is a tone very seen on runways and streetstyle, is a color very apt to combine with everything, specially garments of black tone or vibrant colors (like in the illustration) its shape is minimalist with hide buttons and straight and elegant fit.

Definitely the key to wear jackets, first is follow your own instinct and taste and second one for tropical climates, the cotton, the mix of textiles, and the linen are your allies, so , enjoy a garment that is versatile and transform your outfits in something much better.

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