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I am really passionate about interior design, actually I can't think of a design field that I am not fond of. I like how in a little space is it can express feelings of people. I hate the generic spaces, but I respect that be the taste of others and their way to expression, but is nice when each part of a place say you something, it evokes something, from your childhood feelings, the taste for the art, the travels that you have done or the things you have recollected in your life. There is endless styles, but who touches my heart, what it has all my hear on it, is one in particular, the rustic style.

the rustic style have essence in many things, but I think that is one of these things that at least for me, evokes me a nostalgic feeling. It could be that my own self has this interpretation but is this sensation of things that some time had an intrinsic beauty, pristine and that now they took another way, other type of beauty. This sensation of home also are other of the things that a rustic style could make you feel. Because it feels heartwarming to have things that they're not necessarily very polished in their finished but all is raw, real. The combination of painted bricks or without paint, stones placed in no apparent order,  wood walls, wood floors or of polished concrete, gives me wellness that is difficult to explain.

Also it characterized by mixing each thing that don't have to be strictly of a way but they are a perfect couple together. The cottage style or a home in the mountains are part of the sensations that you could get to the decorate a home with a rustic style, if the elements are present in an apartment, where, for the time of many of these buildings, there is plenty where take advantage.

The houses made with wood, places like reconditioned hangars, old factories without little finished are the bases of this raw style. In this aspect, the rustic style is well received together with a modern style because is the juxtaposition of both styles, because the point of union is the Industrial style, vintage or new, together they give a fabulous environment. The Kitsch is a great resource in decorations of this type, because it brings life, a eclectic fusion of feelings and sensations that this kind of objects usually they give you. Many people consider this style like tacky but well selected they could make great environments in sights.

The art either abstract, pop or modern has its space in this type of style, if your style is more given to eclecticism of combine many pieces depending of your own taste. If your more conservative, the country style or bohemian is great, playing with fabrics, shapes or textures.

  Choose each time of your space, is a matter of taste and partly something emotional...more than decorate a pretty place is that this place transmits a sensation and that you want to be there and like the post title indicates, I've assembled a kit of advises if you want to give a rustic environment to your home, or if you have a raw space gives more atmosphere and life.


LIGHTING: The lighting makes great environments in places where requires it and the interesting of everything is that in the rustic style there is more step to do it yourself, where for example you can take empty recipients of mayonnaise, make a hole to the cap where the light focus pass and if you grouping several of them, you could have a particular style of lamp (some day I should to make one) also you can use old reflectors and gives it a new use or use lamps with a mix of wood and metal for spaces like a dining room or a kitchen.

ART: It's here where your wit enter to disposition, if the style that you want to give it to your rustic space is more artistic and eclectic you could opt to get signboards with messages or of retro style (you could look for people who are dedicating to collect and resell vintage pieces like old signboards of  some gas station of 50's or things with a meaning.

SOFAS: The major of the trends for this type of style are straight sofas and with a modern touch, playing with the fabric of the sofa for doing more bohemian or using the leather for a stronger style.

CHAIRS: Here equally it keeps the aesthetic that you want to transmit, the modern is totally welcome as well as the use of natural items like it could be a thick piece of some tree trunk that you could give it a new use.

TABLES: Fuse various styles is the key to be giving an original touch, tables with feeling of 50's, giant tree trunks like tables, old doors, old wood boxes, anyway, the resources are wider for this type of style.

RUGS: And for last but not least, the rugs is a great decorative resource for the living room, it can be of a minimalist tone (the minimalism plays a role in some rustic styles like the apartment in white of the photo) playing with textures of the same, pieces of leather to give it a more country-style atmosphere and fabrics of earthy tones, there is a large amplitude depending of how you want to show it.

I'm not an applied on the field but I talk of a style that in part I love and I want be part of my life and in what I could apply, and for that I wanted to talk you a little bit about it, a style full of life. What is your favorite style in this particular style? do you have some suggestion? be free of write about that in the comments...

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