Grooming: Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

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The men's care is so important nowadays, like what is wear with style and elegance. Taking care of ourselves is fundamental for everything is on a par of how we look daily. Apart of take care of our soul (because a person that don't feel well with itself, for more than it wears pretty clothes, never will feel comfortable with itself) our nutrition, because a healthy body is one of the bases to elongate our life and also for we feel with vitality and why not look good. But we must also take in account our outward care. Daily, we receive a lot of dust, toxic materials flying in the air, all kind of smoke, the sun, lack of sleep, dehydration, all these are factors that make that our skin suffers and make us look tired and even with older than we have. It's delicious when you can reach and age without looking of the age that you have actually or that we walk in the street with a fresh, light and healthy face. The man of today is conscious of not just the face care and body but also of his hair, nails and breath and for that, this segment of the blog is dedicated to our grooming because without it, nothing of the beauty things that we have in the closet will not look so well. Today I want to talk with you about a product that long time ago I had the privilege of test when the Kiehl's team gave it to me for a review and a while ago this product has become the king of my hands...already you will know why...

A long time ago I was searching for a hand cream that it was effective, if there is something where the age is noticeable fast is in the hands and give it the necessary care is fundamental for keep them beautiful all the time. If  think about it, the hands are our number one instrument of use of all our body, they are submitted to abrasives, strong soaps, liquids or greases depending of what we are doing. They are in view of everyone and we have show them when we salute to someone, when we shook hands with people and expose us frequently. Many of the men make hard work and this creates them a hard layer in the palm of their hands, making them thicker, like the body adapts to the thing that we submitting to it, this process of thickening is so natural, but of in certain way, nothing aesthetic. This thickening of the epidermis in the palm of the hand could in some cases, transformed into callosity and dead skin that are superposed layer by layer giving it and sad and ugly appearance. The fact that we are making hard work, is not and excuse to care of our hands, and it's there where this cream is your solution.

The first I felt to use this cream for the first time, is a fresh and light sensation, many of the hand creams usually are so heavy and this cream in particular  with a few drop that you put on your hands is more than enough to cover both hands.

 The cream has a "grove-like" effect what it means that it allows to skin draw, absorb and keep the moisture of your hands creating a layer that will last the time in that the cream keeps in your skin, what is a lot of time.

Its formulation consists in a blend of botanical oils (like the most of Kiehl's products= and waxes derived from Olive oil that allows to calm, hydrate and repair the skin of your hands. And also is wonderful because for the time that I began to use the cream, I had a minor burn in my left hand, with the pass of the weeks, the spot of the burn was reducing in a 20% and disappearing in subsequent months, what is not just an advantage for the sever dryness of the skin originated for the hard work but of minor burns because it helps to reconstruct the layer of the skin.

Its aroma is not irritating, it has a light aroma between mint and nuts that is very rich, for when you freshly come out of the bath and you begin to get dressed, give it a fresh sensation. In a few time begins to see the difference, the skin looks shiner, more compact and finest. Its prolonged use will cause that you keep your hands in a great condition and with a young appearance despite of the age.

Also is the favorite of loyal Kiehl's clients and I can give faith of that is a product that should be a MUST HAVE in the table of your products of men's care. I must to replace it, because already is about to end, because is a product that makes wonders with your hands , the honest truth.

If you can obtain this product in your favorite Kiehl's or here 

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