Editor's letter: I'm back

4:20:00 PM

It has passed a while from I started on the blogging world, as something that, in some measure, demonstrates my love and passion for a business where not just the art but feeling and ways of life are expressed. Fashion instead of being something superfluous, it is, in just measure, the expression of ourselves, what we feel or it happens on the world, because fashion is not just on clothing, it is in art, cooking, everywhere, and clothing is something we need every single day, so is part of our daily life, in an essential way.

And so, already has passed 5 years, with ups and downs, where I have known amazing and talented people, designers, artists, great media colleagues and it was there where I met one of my best friends 3 years ago (and he is a fashion blogger too so if you want to know him go to his home) and the goal I wished with this, learn. Learn because I would like to be part of the industry some day and know everything what is around it was something that I wanted to do. And also express my thoughts and turn to it. I started writing like a woman's fashion blog, it's something I also like and have no intentions of putting it off.

So, if you see some review on this blog, already you will know the reason, further of that is good that the man knows a little bit about what I like to a woman, and advice her or have complete confidence that when you give a present to her, it will be well received and loved it. a hundred percent sure.

But I have decided give a step back and begin again, the truth is not lose you identity but evolve and advance en certain aspect of your life, experiment and venture to see beyond of what you doing actually. therefore, for the people that listened the name of my blog in some moment and know me, who have made readers and didn't know about me these months, this is the reason of my absent.

A time to rest, meditate and back here of a way that inspire me and wished to keep doing it.

From now on, this blog will be dedicated to menswear fashion, is something that I wanted to do from I started or tried to put the first words in this blog when I tried calling Mr. Rose.

Go to the masculine part of fashion is something that I feel comfortable to do too and in the way how the menswear fashion has evolved, is good to let know each thing that now is doing part of the way to dress of the modern man.

Also I wanted to introduce you to the men's grooming world and you are aware that is  important nowadays, take care not just of how we wearing but our physique for keeping healthy and with a good appearance.

In Eastern culture, there is a great emphasis on the body care, face and all what complements it, because is a way to look healthy, nice and that everything is in harmony. Take care of our appearance is an important and essential part of our cover letter and is a job that we should to do every day, so I would try in a just measure to give you advice about how take care of your appearance with men cosmetics, also products to keep your hair and other things more.

I couldn't to leave aside the gourmet side, although I don't do that anymore, I'm pastry chef as career and I'm an inveterate foodie, I love so much cooking, and taste different things, so, I will talk about it, places to go and give you some recipes to put into action!.

It's no there better as a man that he have like skills, the power to impress with a good meal and why not with a good drink, for that I included a section about cocktails and beverages, the first one with recipes to prepare a good cocktail (something that passionate me and although I'm not an expert on this, I like so much) and the other one with drinks that could be part of your bar, for a some afternoon with friends and with your partner why not.

Also part of the life of a man is know and enter to a lifestyle for that I wanted to give to know and learn some things about this aspect that is a complement of what is to be a modern man. Know about books, cultures and Interiors is a necessary resource, but at the same time enjoyable. I like also the world of interior design because how arrange a place and doing your space, the reflection of your personality and your tastes, is a plus for anyone. For last but not least I added a version of this blog in two languages for you can read each post with ease, and this is the first version of this blog so in the future wait the surprises that I have for you. This is the first editor's letter where you can to know about things referent to the blog that could be interesting to you.
Otherwise, I hope you get to know it well, and that it develops a new chapter in my path as a blogger, passionate for the art, fashion, cooking and lifestyle. I doing this for passion and love, so I hope you enjoy it, and without further ado, Welcome to my home.


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