Diary: Is possible that a fat man has style?

7:18:00 AM

A while ago I wanted to express by way of diary, little reflections about fashion, events that happen daily or any thing that makes me think for a while and also share these thoughts for talk me and you... if it is when a good coffee, tea or whatever you want is welcome. This is part of the blog, but will not be often and you could see something like this each time that I have a thought in mind or something to say, so come and sit down with me and talk a little bit...

In conversations with people, family, neighbors or friends always comes to fore topics that orbit long time in my head, whereas I'm going to some place these thoughts remain there cooking like a meaty broth, to simmer. In part because I worry somewhat, because are topics that maybe they affect to oneself in one form or another. In past days I have been listening so much about a topic something algid for both sides and is the topic about weight. The people who told me about that, they referred about the hard that is look good in front of the eyes of the others even if you feel good with what you wearing. (No matter how much confidence you've earned or how many time you say for your self whatever people, this things make insecurity, more in fat persons.) You dress with style, devote time to it ad when arrive to the place or event, the discriminatory looks of the people make you a scan worst than the Terminator's robots. And the topic is not that what you wear don't look good, the real problem is that you're fat. Leaving the topic about the health aside just because is well known that the topic about the weight is a topic of many parts and that it has its good reason to be, but what about of the people with a solid body (like my case) people who feel comfortable with their own body as is, or people in a transition, in a change process, these persons aren't going to wear because they are fat? or simply they don't have style because they are ? The style is not tied to an body, the fashion is made for everyone and specially if its principal objective is supply the need for clothing. But the society (like it or not)  and the culture around it has created this disease of perfect bodies, leaving aside to the people with a normal body or the fat people relegated to a corner. I'm not saying that the training culture and physical care is wrong, but come on! already the human mind is configured to see with bad eyes to a person not for how it is but for how it looks its physique. The worst of it is that in the same room of the event o place could have a person fatter than you, dressed of different way (respecting the taste of each person) but also this person dares to critique when it could that it is even worse than you.

Now talk about physical stores, I adore see that women with curves have a  good amount of resources to dressing, because let's be clear, the women in general have many more stylistic resources than men by far...but when you found cool clothing, with all the fantastic that you see in menswear season, is a big THERE IS NOT YOUR SIZE and so on and also I wonder, Is it possible that a fat person may have the opportunity to have style? without be like the Simpson's episode where Homer had to dress a big dress like shirt to fulfill his need. Whereas you strive to loss weight, you going to have that suffer seeing to everyone wear as you would like and keep you naked for the simple reason  that to nobody uses its head to do something? In my case, I'm a solid body man, neither too thin nor too fat...a body type that appears to be of a muscular person but with a some extra pounds and even me that I can dress with pieces with Medium or Large sizes, I have problems with the cutting too. And also of this way I seen people that make wonderful styles with their weight and nobody thinks of them as an stylish example... they are discriminate for their weight, when nobody should be discriminated for nothing, because their weight doesn't identify like persons.

 Is the same thing as the most of the people in fashion apparently don't give jobs to fat people, for believing that they are unable to be identified like fashion. People with big knowledge in their field, with experience and trajectory, only just give to them excuses and ignore them for being overweight. They should to take in account the most important things than only just see the first that you have in front, learn to know to the people and don't judge to anyone for something. A fat person could have even more style that a person in "normal" conditions, also could be a great columnist or editor of a fashion magazine and make the grade, the weight doesn't identify them, but their mind and spirit. creative people are losing by the fact it considers a fat person less. It's possible that a fat person have success, of course yes, but also it must be opportunities to get pieces meanwhile and give job opportunities to the people no matter how it be.

So, I leave the open conversation if you want to talk about this topic and add your experiences...see you soon in other page of this daily...

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