Balmain x H&M Lookbook: A luxury Army

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Each collection of H&M produces many expectation between an avid public of can have a significant piece of their favorite fashion brand. It's significant for everyone, to can be part of the history of a brand, more if it have a unique and special style. The capsule collections for H&M always has had great repercussion: VERSACE, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, LANVIN, ALEXANDER WANG, KARL LAGERFELD, STELLA MCCARTNEY, MARNI among others, with collections that could be reproductions of its best hits or a special version for the Swedish brand.

This time, the brand that joins to the collaborations history is Balmain, a brand with an eclectic, elegant, rocker and artisanal style. It's the turn for his young star designer, the french Olivier Rousteing to make a collection that is an ode to his greatest triumphs of his collection in Balmain.

In the words of Olivier to Vogue Magazine about the meaning of this collaboration to him:

 "For me an H&M collaboration is an achievement. I think I’m the only designer who has experienced them in three different ways. When I was a teenager I was a total H&M kid and was always at the front of the queue waiting for the next collaboration. Then, when I went to work at Roberto Cavalli, I was in the shadows for their collaboration with H&M, learning everything that I could. So when it came to my own collaboration with H&M, I remembered how it felt for me when I was young—what were my expectations and what I want the new generation to feel when they see Balmain x H&M. And because I had already worked on a collaboration, I knew how far I could push it, and how I could challenge both myself and H&M to make it the best it could be."

Entering to the collection itself, specifically the menswear part, it's absolutely fabulous. In the menswear collection of Balmain there is an effect very bespoke in its pieces, that no lacks in any moment of details, with pieces with artisanal essence and a pleasant streetwear style that makes it wearable in all moment. Being this part of the collection, a combination of his hits, there are various mixed styles but that they are conjugated very well between them, in first instance there is a military style  very marked with tones like: navy blue, moss green, brown and black, with a shape very structured but modern. 

In other part,  is a more rocker style, that is part of the DNA of the brand, with sweatshirts and sweaters with chevron prints that have similarities with the military style for details of buttons by way of epaulets on the shoulders, biker jackets, trousers with details and appearance of leather, trousers with vertical stripes to both sides and the union point of all collection  are the embroidered jackets with a fusion between military nautical and rocker at the same time. I think that to be a collection of a more affordable scale, is a great collection, but I really wait that the collection shows the same quality that there are on pictures, because if so, will be one of the best collaboration by far.

I'm a big fan of the Olivier Rousteing's work for Balmain, so I would love to do with many of his pieces (specially jackets!) but sadly on my country there is not a H&M (H&M people already is time for you bring one of their stores to Panama, many of the people here are fans and desire one Ok?!) but you that having one near of you, could have some of these pieces from November 5, with prices started around 17.99 (according to GQ) until 699 (the embroidered jackets will have this price) so, for a preview of what buy here is their lookbook:


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